Flashback: Ron Paul Exposed Why Supporters Of Big Government Hate Gold and Silver – And The True “Purpose Of Buying Gold”


Years ago, Ron Paul predicted the situation we’re in now.

He said big government would eventually spend too much. They would spend it on “wasteful pet programs, wars and corruption.”

And they wouldn’t stop.

Because “the people who run the printing presses have trouble shutting them off.”

Sound like today?

Here’s what he wrote in 2010:

“The arguments against gold are usually straw men, based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the purpose of buying gold. Gold is not a typical investment. It is a defense against the predictable behavior of governments to debase a fiat currency under its absolute control. The people who run the printing presses have trouble shutting them off. In order to limit one’s exposure to this reckless behavior, it is wise to exchange unsound assets for sound ones.

As the foundation of their power, their fiat currency, is rejected or avoided, government power is compromised. Fiat currencies trade the people’s freedom and security for the government’s freedom to squander the wealth of the nation on wasteful pet programs, wars, and corruption. This is why the freedom of the people is so intertwined with a sound monetary unit. This is also why the founders liked gold and silver, and supporters of big government hate them.”

A lot of Americans now believe Ron Paul was right.

They want to buy gold.

But those same Americans have their dollars tied up in IRAs.

What many don’t realize is that there is a solution:

It’s possible to move an IRA into a “self-directed” IRA that’s backed by gold and other precious metals.

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