New Evidence Found in Maricopa: Tabulators Had Wrong Data Base and Machine Behavior Settings During 2022 Election

Last week, explosive footage was released by the Election Oversight Group that shows the “Secret Testing” that took place in Maricopa County on October 14th, 17th, and 18th, after the Logic and Accuracy testing reportedly done on October 11th.

In that video, you can see at the 7:02 mark that at least four employees tried to feed ballots through the tabulators but those ballots were rejected and spit back out, multiple times in some cases.

On Tuesday, Kari Lake attorney Kurt Olsen sat down with Ashe in America and the Gateway Pundit’s Brian Lupo on Badlands Media to discuss new evidence that has emerged.  The Election Oversight Group has uncovered another serious issue:  the tabulators had the wrong database and machine behavioral settings loaded.  Below is a clip from that segment of the podcast.  (Click here for the full podcast with Kari Lake’s attorney, Kurt Olsen)


Below are just two examples of system log files (slogs) mirroring warnings throughout Maricopa’s tabulators:

According to the Democracy Suite Use Procedures manual, the MBS are “the settings that hold configuration parameters as defined by EMS applications and passed onto the ICE and ICP2.  These settings define and determine the behavior of the ICE and ICP2 during an election.”

Regarding the video above showing the “secret” testing, the Elections Procedure Manual used in Maricopa does allow “re-testing”.  The EPM states “re-testing may continue during the early voting period and through the day prior to the election.”  However, it also says that errors detected during L&A testing must have the cause “ascertained and corrected”.  In the log files below, there are two “right edge marker #10 (& #46) too small” error on October 17th during the “secret” testing.  Thus, this error does not seem to have been corrected as the same type of error is shown in the slogs almost immediately on the Election Day tabulation at 6:43am.


Furthermore, the EPM states that “the officer in charge of elections must test all accessible voting equipment prior to an election” and again reiterates that “the Board of Supervisors or officer in charge of elections is responsible for performing an L&A test on all voting equipment prior to each election.”

However, we learned from Scott Jarrett’s declaration that “on Oct 14, 17, and 18, the County installed new memory cards, containing the certified Election Program that had undergone logic and accuracy testing, on each of its tabulators.”  This is, of course, after the official L&A testing that was notified to voters and party representatives.  The EPM explicitly states that testing must be done on all voting equipment, not just on the certified Election Program on one or several machines and then installed on all other equipment after the L&A testing is completed.


The declaration goes on to state that “When installing the memory cards, the County tabulated a small number of ballots on each tabulator to be certain that the memory cards had been properly inserted.”  This would serve as a sort of after-the-fact test to determine if the tabulators are properly tabulating ballots.  But in the video, it is clear that at least four employees had to re-insert ballots due to some sort of error.  One could argue that it was rejected due to an undervote/overvote, which is normal during L&A testing, but why would the employee run it through more than once, sometimes up to four times?  And why would the employee call over another to assist with the tabulation?  This would suggest a problem rather than an “undervote/overvote” situation.

Remember: Maricopa’s EPM also states that L&A testing must be done without errors or the errors must be “ascertained and corrected” and an errorless test conducted.

Based on the system log files, it appears that Maricopa County voting systems were using “certified software” that had the wrong MBS file, the wrong election database version, and had multiple errors that were immediately duplicated at the start of voting on Election Day.

There will be more to come on these issues.


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