Donald Trump Jr. on Newsmax: The Bidens “Buying and Peddling Influence for Decades”

Carl Higbie (L) Donald Trump Jr. (R) on Newsmax


Donald Trump, Jr. joined Carl Higbie on Newsmax to discuss the Hunter Biden investigations and the anti-Trump establishment ‘uni-party.’

Donald Trump Jr.: Do you think that Chinese was giving Hunter Biden a billion dollars for what? Because he’s a great…a crackhead investor? 

You can say a lot about the Chinese,  they’re not good people,  but they’re not stupid.  There are not investing in crackheads,  I bet you that’s the only one.

The same with the no-show jobs in Ukraine and the Russian oligarchs on the payroll.  What does everyone think that was happening for? Because Hunter, an unheard of investor was so good and so miraculous? No.

They were buying and peddling influence for decades.

It’s literally like a known thing in DC. The fact that the FBI is pretending this may actually be something, it’s ridiculous Carl.

Carl Higbie: We had your brother on here…we were talking about the horrific legal battles you guys have gone through and how transparent you’ve been I am honestly though, with Hunter’s expertise in international business I’m surprised you guys haven’t hired him  as your primary consultant. 

Watch the full interview below.


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