COMPLETE COLLAPSE: Bud Light Suffers Worst Week Ever – Mexican Competitor Now Poised to Surpass Woke Company as World’s Number 1 Beer

Bud Light got hit with their most devastating news yet according to a new report.

According to data provided to the New York Post Tuesday, sales for Bud Light are so catastrophic that they are on the verge of losing their status as the world’s number one beer brand to a Mexican competitor.

The latest numbers show Bud Light sales tumbled nearly 26%. This marks the worst week Bud Light has ever had.

Moreover, this is the sixth straight week of sales losses for the woke company since they decided to shove trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney in America’s face on April Fools Day.

The greatest beneficiary of Bud Light’s misfortune has been Modelo Especial, a Mexican beer import. Its sales surged over 9% for the week ending May 20 according to Bump Williams Consulting and NielsonIQ data. Modelo Especial is now poised to supplant Bud Light as the world’s number one beer.

Bump Williams, who runs the consulting firm, told the Post that Modelo Especial is already outselling Bud Light on a national basis and will surpass them within the year should trends continue.

While Bud Light loses week after week, Modelo Especial gains week after week and now Modelo outsells Bud Light on a national basis across all trade channels combined.

If this continues Modelo will surpass Bud Light for the year.

There was one more piece of excellent news: Yuengling, which is “America’s Oldest Brewery,” surged a whopping 47.6% according to the numbers provided by Bump Williams.

As the Post notes, the numbers are even more astonishing considering Yuengling is distributed to just 25 states and operates just three breweries.

Williams made note of the surge.

Yuengling is having a great moment with the greatest growth of all the premium beers.

This one tweet explains the reason for divergence in sales between Bud Light and Yuengling. Look at the pro-American patriotism.

Yuengling can also be considered Trump friendly. Yuengling was boycotted by far-left LGBTQ groups in 2016 after its CEO endorsed then-candidate Donald Trump’s run for president.

Just imagine if Bud Light had simply embraced American values or just shut up about politics altogether. Perhaps they could be experiencing a surge instead of going broke.


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