Chicago Police Stations Now Being Used to House Illegal Migrants (VIDEO)

The city of Chicago is so overwhelmed with illegal migrants that many of them are now living in police stations.

One has to wonder why liberal voters in the city, who take pride in its status as a sanctuary city, have not stepped up and invited the migrants into their homes.

The conditions described at the police stations are not great.

From FOX 32 in Chicago:

Expired food, infections, infestations reported at CPD stations serving as makeshift shelters for immigrants

Chicago’s response to a growing immigrant crisis has turned police stations into makeshift shelters where asylum seekers have been provided with expired meal rations and where infections and infestations are a common problem.

Outgoing Mayor Lori Lightfoot has taken aim at Greg Abbott, the Republican governor of Texas who has been sending immigrants to Chicago and other sanctuary cities as a response to President Joe Biden’s border policies. In an open letter Sunday, Lightfoot told Abbott that her administration was aware he planned to resume busing immigrants to Chicago and other cities on Monday, noting that 8,000 have already been sent here since August.

“Nearly all the migrants have been in dire need of food, water and clothing, and many needed extensive medical care,” she wrote. “Some of the individuals you placed on buses were women in active labor, and some were victims of sexual assault. None of these urgent needs were addressed in Texas.”

But with resources exhausted and limited shelter beds available in Chicago, immigrants who have been sent here have been sleeping and eating meals on the floors of police stations in recent weeks.

Boxes of meal rations that were sent to the Gresham District last week had expired in September 2020, and a notice was sent out urging police officials to return any expired meals they’d received, according to sources with knowledge of the situation and photos shared with the Sun-Times.

This does not look sanitary:

Here’s a video:

Biden is responsible for this. He should be impeached for it.

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