Billboards Pop Up All Over the Country with 3 Words That Are Sure to Cause the Devil a Headache

Billboards sharing the same three words are popping up all over the country.

Those words may anger secular atheists, leftists and Democrats in equal measure. What’s more, they are sure to anger the Devil himself.

Why? Because these billboards proclaim the ultimate, universal authority of Jesus Christ.

Simply but profoundly, they read, “Christ Is Lord.”

The ads were bought and paid for by Christian publisher Canon Press as a promotional preorder campaign for prominent Moscow, Idaho, pastor Douglas Wilson’s new book “Mere Christendom.”

So far, the ads have appeared or will soon appear in Moscow; Spokane, Washington; New York City, Porto Alegre, Brazil; Nashville, Tennessee; Taylor, Texas; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Greenville, South Carolina and Houston, Texas.

According to the official “Mere Christendom” website,, if 20 boxes (a deluxe edition of the book that comes with additional items) are ordered from the same zip code, Canon will pay for a “Christ Is Lord” billboard in that area.

“When a foreign army has surrounded their enemy, they paper the town to announce their victory and call for total surrender,” the website reads.

“This is our campaign for Mere Christendom. We’re not campaigning for the election of Jesus, he’s already on the throne. We want to help you notify your town and local leaders.”

In the book, Wilson argues that the world’s nations must abandon secularism in favor of unabashed Christian leadership in government.

The official trailer for “Mere Christendom” highlights Wilson’s uncompromising Biblical rhetoric and take-no-prisoners approach to addressing progressive critics.

“I am offering this book to evangelical Christians, and evangelical Christians are quite accustomed to the basic thesis of this book, which is that ‘Jesus is the answer,'” Wilson wrote, according to the book’s official website.

“Jesus is the answer to every ultimate question that can be framed by man about himself, Who am I?  But we must remember that cultures and nations need Christ also. Christ is Lord over POTUS, your Twitter, the IRS, local libraries, Tucker Carlson, whether you (or they) like it.”

“We all–America, the Crown, the Prime Minister of Japan–must abandon the disastrous experiment of Secularism. We must instead confess that Christ is Lord: He rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven and reigns over our nation and theirs.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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