Bill Gates’ Young Russian Lover Linked to Kremlin Spy Anna Chapman – Suspicions Arise That He May Have Been Targeted for Kompromat – Epstein Tried to Blackmail Microsoft Boss Over His Affair

The revelations about the Jeffrey Epstein trafficking ring as coming hard and fast, but so far, few stories can compare in terms of impact with the revelations around Mila Antonova, who as a young woman was said to be a ‘lover’ of billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

We now have seen evidence of a link between Antonova and Russian spy Anna Chapman, and we also learned that Epstein tried to leverage his knowledge of Gates’ relationship with Antonova in order to compel him into investing in a ‘charitable fund’ that the pedophile was setting up.

The Daily Mail has reported on ‘a potentially disturbing and unexplained link between Gates’ erstwhile Russian ‘lover’ [Antonova] and Kremlin spook Chapman’.

“While there is no evidence of any wrong-doing on Antonova’s part, it seems to be a connection which raises serious questions for Gates and, of course, for the California-based Russian herself.

[…] Last week, however, Gates’s spokeswoman admitted that pedophile Epstein, who was known to cultivate friendships with the ultra-wealthy in order to exploit them, had ‘tried unsuccessfully to leverage a past relationship’ to threaten the business magnate into doing his bidding.”

While Bill Gates’ affair with 30-years younger Mia Antonova is a private subject, the Mail reminds us that “a relationship between […] one of the most influential businessmen on the planet, and a woman who appears to have connections to a Kremlin intelligence agent is troubling.”

Mila Antonova.

Especially so in the context of his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, famous for ‘providing’ young women to the rich and powerful, and himself someone with deep ties to the intelligence community.

“If Epstein knew about the alleged affair — and later made sure Gates knew that he knew — did he also know about Antonova’s apparent links to Chapman?”

It’s relevant that Gates’ affair to young Antonova was taking place at the same time that Chapman was operating her long-term, deep-cover assignment inside the US.

June 2010: Antonova is on stage during the Ignite NYC:

Antonova quotes Hollywood star Mae West: ‘Good sex is like bridge: if you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand. [She] found great connection between my two favourite things’.

She talks about Gates: “Two years ago, I said, ‘Everyone, I’m going to meet this guy. No one believed me. Last year, I played against him at the same table at the National Bridge Tournament in Washington DC. I didn’t beat him, but I tried to kick him with my leg.”

2013: Epstein met Antonova while she was looking for funding to start an online business ‘teaching people how to play bridge’.

2014: Antonova stayed at a NY Epstein apartment. When she decided to become a software programmer, Epstein ‘lent’ her money for that.

2017: Epstein emails Gates asking him to reimburse him for the cost of her programming school fees. The clear implication appears to be that Epstein knew about the affair and was willing to expose it.

Anna Chapman’s arrest was a media sensation.

The context for this story that connects one of the richest men on earth, the ‘King of Pedophiles’, a Russian bridge enthusiast and a glamorous and sexy spy is the concept of ‘kompromat’: compromising information collected for use in blackmailing, discrediting, or manipulating a person, typically for political purposes.

Take Epstein, for example: he installed cameras in all his properties, and is reported to have recorded sex tapes that he could later use to blackmail his rich and powerful ‘friends’.

Anna Chapman was involved in a spy ring that was trying to ‘honey pot’ and compromise members of the Obama administration.

After being married to an Englishman and obtaining a UK passport, Anna Vasilyevna Kuschenko, daughter of a KGB officer, went to the US to work in an ‘illegal’ spy ring.

An Illegal is an undercover spy with a fake identity, gathering intelligence and transmitting to Moscow, in contrast to a ‘resident’ spy that operates under legal and diplomatic cover.

Anna Vasilyevna Kuschenko, or “Anna Chapman”, had a private Wi-Fi network in her laptop to communicate with the SVR officials.

“On one occasion [the SRV officer] drove past the coffee shop where Chapman was sitting and sent a burst transmission to her laptop. Another occasion it was in the library, while passing by her, on a third occasion she discovered that she was being watched and aborted the mission. This method is called “a brush pass” in the FBI documents.”

After a little over a year in activity, a FBI counter intelligence agent, using the phrases and credentials from the SVR supplied by a Russian intelligence defector, got Anna to implicate herself. She was arrested, but quickly exchanged for GRU officer, and MI6 plant, Sergey Skripal.

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