Arkansas Judge Rips Hunter Biden For Concealing Financial Records From Baby Mama, Threatens to Subpoena Art Gallery

An Arkansas judge on Monday ripped Hunter Biden for concealing his financial records.

Hunter Biden on Monday appeared in court to lower his $20,000 per month child support payments to the mother of his 4-year-old lovechild.

The judge was furious that Hunter hid vital information about his art sales.

A paternity test confirmed Hunter Biden indeed fathered a child with former DC stripper, Lunden Roberts.

Hunter’s daughter, Navy Joan, is now 4 years old and he has yet to meet her.

Joe Biden still hasn’t even acknowledged his own granddaughter.

Hunter’s daughter Navy Joan and Lunden Roberts

Judge Holly Meyer blasted Hunter’s lawyers on Monday and demanded transparency.

“The ability to redact is somewhat being abused,” the judge said.

The judge demanded Hunter Biden answer questions about income from his art sales and other business deals.

Hunter’s lawyer told the judge he doesn’t know the identities of the people who purchased Hunter Biden’s art.

The judge threatened to issue a subpoena to the art gallery to find out who purchased the art and the value of the paintings.

Hunter and Lunden Roberts will be back in court in June to give depositions.

The New York Post reported:

The Arkansas judge overseeing Hunter Biden’s long-running child support battle with his baby mama chastised the first son’s lawyers Monday for being stingy with his financial data.

Judge Holly Meyer rebuked the 53-year-old’s legal team during the two-hour proceedings, saying they wrongly concealed details of filings that had already been submitted to the court as part of the ongoing legal saga.

“The ability to redact is somewhat being abused,” the judge told Hunter’s attorneys before ordering them to refile some of those papers. It wasn’t immediately clear exactly what financial information was included in the filings.

Meyer on Monday ordered Hunter to answer additional written questions about his money — including investments, his art sales and other financial transactions — after Roberts’ attorney Clinton Lancaster claimed he had so far provided “incomplete answers.”

Lancaster argued Hunter divulged neither who had purchased his art nor the estimated values of the pieces.

But Hunter’s attorneys hit back, saying the first son didn’t know the identities of the buyers as part of a purported arrangement to ensure they were unable to “influence” his father’s administration.

“He will not know. Someone else may know,” one of the attorneys told the judge.

Both Hunter and Roberts will have to sit for a deposition in mid-June to answer questions under oath, the judge added during Monday’s hearing.

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