ANOTHER WOKE NBA HEADACHE: Memphis Grizzlies Superstar Ja Morant Brandishes Firearm on Social Media While Riding in Car with Friends- Grizzlies Suspend Morant from All Team Activities (VIDEO)

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The woke and violent NBA has yet another headache on its hands.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, the NBA has been marred with numerous brawls this year.

Here’s a reminder.

When the league’s players aren’t fighting, they are shoving liberal propaganda down America’s throat while kowtowing to China.

Now one of NBA’s biggest superstars is in major trouble after getting caught flashing a gun in a car on social media.

Two-time NBA All-Star Ja Morant, the starting point guard for the Memphis Grizzlies, brandished the firearm in an Instagram Live video on Saturday night while he was riding along with friends.

The video showed Morant in the passenger seat dancing to gangster rap music with his buddies. He next pulls out the gun to show off for the camera.

At that moment, the friend holding the phone pulled it away from the Grizzlies point guard and faced the camera toward his shoulder.


This particular photo went viral on social media:

The Grizzlies reacted Sunday by suspending Morant from all team activities.

“We are aware of the social media post involving Ja Morant and are in the process of gathering more information,” NBA spokesperson Mike Bass told The Athletic.

Unsurprisingly, this is far from Morant’s first time in hot water or even handling a gun irresponsibly. Earlier this year, he was caught brandishing a gun in a Denver nightclub.

In September, Morant was sued for allegedly punching a Tennessee teenager, Josh Holloway, in the face during a pickup game. The Grizzlies star said he was acting in self defense.

On January 29, members of Morant’s posse reportedly “aggressively confronted” members of Indiana Pacers traveling party and pointed a red laser at them.

The Athletic said that Morant was riding with friend Davonte Pack and one other individual in an SUV when a red laser was pointed at the Pacers bus. An Indiana security guard said the laser was attached to a gun.

As Fox News reported, Morant was suspended eight games in March and checked himself into a clinic for “stress management” to supposedly address his off-court issues. Clearly, this did not work.

Neither the Grizzlies nor Morant’s representatives immediately responded to Fox News’ request for comment.


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