Another Strike on Vladimir Putin? Over Two Dozen Suspected ‘Ukrainian’ Kamikaze Drones Hit Wealthy Moscow Region Within “Earshot” of Putin’s Official Residence – Several Injuries Reported (VIDEO)

Credit; The Daily Mail

Did the Ukrainians attempt to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin Tuesday morning?  Did they have assistance?

As former Congressman Ron Paul notes, they previously made this vow.

The Daily Mail reported that Moscow was attacked by several suspected Ukrainian drones Tuesday morning ostensibly in revenge for Russian attacks on Kyiv.

The early morning assault specifically targeted the wealthiest areas of the city, where Putin and multiple Russian elites have homes.

One local resident pointed out the attacks all happened within “an earshot” of Putin’s official residence in Novo-Ogaryovo.

Here are the full details from the Daily Mail:

Several buildings were damaged in wealthy suburbs of Moscow, including the elite district of Rublyovka to the south-west of the capital.

One drone exploded into a mushroom cloud near the village of Usovo, which is just down the road from Putin’s official Novo-Ogaryovo residence.

Explosive drones also struck blocks of flats in Leninsky Prospekt and Profsoyuznaya Street about six miles from the centre of Moscow, reportedly wounding several residents and damaging the buildings.

Tuesday’s early morning raid targeted some of Moscow’s wealthiest areas including a western enclave where Putin and the elite have residences. Two people were injured while some Russians in two damaged apartment blocks were briefly evacuated, according to Moscow’s mayor.

The New York Times notes that this marked the first time strikes hit civilian areas in the Russia’s capital.

Here are videos of the assault on Moscow. The Biden regime no doubt loved seeing these images.

The damage was somewhat extensive to the apartment buildings:

Credit: the Independent
Credit: @peterodwyerukr

As many 32 drones were reportedly involved in the assault on Russia’s capital.

Ukrainian officials denied any responsibility for the attack but said they enjoyed watching the assault. Gloating over a possible assassination attempt on one of the world’s most prominent leaders does not seem wise.

As one Twitter user points out, the possibility that these drones may have been supplied by the United States originally cannot be ruled out. Bad news for the Biden regime if true.

If Ukraine was involved in this attack, the odds of World War III just skyrocketed. A peace deal must be struck quickly.


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