Re-published with the permission of Thomas Lipscomb.

America’s neocon citizens with Ukrainian roots are currently trying to push Ukraine into a Spring offensive everyone knows will be a massacre just to cover their own asses, so they will have an excuse to cut and run in time for the coming Presidential election. Given the disgraceful alliance between a Federal regime risking nuclear war with no proper authority from the American people and what used to be a press, which is now little more than the government’s collaborator in suppressing the facts of what is happening, the American people have NO IDEA what is going on in their name.

The current Congress is still as indifferent to the Executive Branch’s infringement of its “War Powers” authority as it is to its key responsibility in enacting budgetary legislation. Both political parties  are all too willing to leave their Legislative responsibilities to the Administrative state and concentrate on what is really important: fundraising.  The American people are being lulled with the lie they are “supporting a plucky little Ukrainian democracy against a totalitarian invasion by evil Russians bent on conquest” while their elected Congress stands in the aisles and cheers a “Churchillian” Zelensky, dictator of the most corrupt state in Europe who is stealing their money.

But the Russians have been running methodical textbook attacks destroying the assembly area for the 13 brigades the leaked Pentagon Papers said would be used in the offensive. So far 9 of the vital HQ detachments of the brigades have been attacked. That targeted a lot of the key veteran personnel desperately needed to lead the inexperienced new troops, desperately raised in a Ukranian last stand.

The Ukrainian assembly areas themselves are near railhead bottlenecks up and down the line of engagement where armored vehicles and supporting artillery are assembled, munitions and other supplies are stored , and troops are concentrated. Hundreds of tons of artillery ammunition and missiles have been destroyed and thousands of troops have been killed or injured.

The Ukrainians have had difficulty dispersing their assembly areas because the mudpits of the rasputina surrounds them on every side until the ground dries out. They are literally stuck in the mud. They have concentrated too early. And the Russians have taken full advantage of it.

The Russians have sent a mix of hundreds of missiles and drones from Murmansk, the Caspian Sea, and Crimea as well as Cold War bombers with glide bombs from Russia. And there are more where those came from while the Ukrainians, already suffering from shortages of key equipment and munitions have just taken more losses further handicapping their impending offensive with even more shortages. Russian intelligence is excellent. Its planning and response, inexorable.

As Mark Wauck summarizes “Ukraine’s professional military knows that the offensive would be suicidal. Ukrainian losses of manpower continue to be extremely heavy—Russia is claiming that Ukraine lost 15,000 men in April. Losses of equipment are reaching catastrophic levels as well, as Russian attacks have heavily targeted assembly areas for munitions and equipment.”

If Zelensky’s cowardice allows America’s foreign policy neocon scum to push Ukraine into a doomed offensive, it will be the most wasted effusion of blood yet in this catastrophic “proxy war.” And it will be the most disgraceful ending possible to the Neocon’s 30 years “forever war” that dropped the United States from a half century illusion of dominant hegemony to an also ran with an obsolete defense establishment and a wrecked economy, all in less than 2 years..


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