“You Should Mind Your Manners Mr. President. We Are Sick and Tired of Your Bullsh!t” – Gen. Mike Flynn SLAMS Former Boss Barack Obama

Democrats shut down Tennessee Assembly last week with bullhorns and screaming high school kids.

The Tennessee State House voted Thursday on whether to expel the three Democrat lawmakers for participating in an insurrection last week.

The three lawmakers who participated were Representatives Gloria Johnson, Justin Jones, and Justin Pearson. The House voted on Thursday to remove Rep. Pearson and Rep. Justin Jones.

The three Democrats stood in the assembly with bullhorns leading a protest with screaming high schoolers in the rafters. The radical Democrats shut down the assembly for an hour during their tirade. Democrats believe this is honorable. Republicans in Tennessee saw it for what it was and voted two of the three radical Commies out of the Senate.

Following the vote on Thursday night, Barack Obama jumped into the fray and lied to the American public about the incident. This was quite a whopper even for Obama.

Obama insisted that screaming and shutting down government body with bullhorns is an example of “silencing those who disagree with us.” Barack claims not letting an angry leftist mob shut down the Tennessee assembly shows “warkness and not strength.”

That’s when General Mike Flynn jumped in.

Barack Obama, Joe Biden and their deep state lackeys plotted to remove General Flynn from his position as NSA Director and destroy him through their manufactured lies of Russian collusion.

General Flynn lost his job, was silenced, lost his savings, was smeared by the mainstream press, and nearly ruined – based on Barack Obama and his lies.

On Good Friday General Mike Flynn had heard enough and went off on Obama and his typical bullsh!t!

General Flynn: How about telling this to the parents of a 9 year old child who’s nearly unrecognizable body was completely riddled with bullets by a transgender psycho likely pumped up on hormone blockers and steroids. You should mind your manners Mr. President. We are sick and tired of your bull$h!t. How about offering condolences to the families who tragically lost loved ones. Have a nice day.

General Flynn was quite reserved with his words, considering Barack “bullsh!t” Obama attempted to destroy him and ruin his family.

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