Woman Who Helped Couple Under Attack by Mob of Chicago Teens Has Message for Lori Lightfoot

The Gateway Pundit reported on hundreds of teens rioting in the streets near Millennium Park Saturday night and the attack on a woman in the entry of a building. Dozens of teens surrounded the woman, cornered her in a doorway, and attacked.

The woman’s boyfriend, unseen in the video, was also attacked and dragged into the street.  The young couple was robbed of their belongings and the mob told them they were going to kill them.

The couple spoke with Fox News about the harrowing experience.

In the interview, they mentioned a Good Samaritan who helped them.

Fox News Sandra Smith: I’ve only got a few seconds left, but a Good Samaritan picked you up and took you to the hospital, correct?

DJ: Yes, yes. Her name was Lenora.

Ashley: God bless her. She gave us shoes, she took us home, she took us to the hospital.

DJ: Her husband as well.

Ashley: Thank you so much. I don’t know where we would have been without her.

Lenora is speaking out after the incident and has a message for Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her attempts to sugarcoat the mayhem.

Fox News reports:

Lenora Dennis, who was identified as the woman who stepped in to save a couple under attack by a Chicago mob, pushed back on the city mayor’s claim the social media inspired “Teen Takeover” event “wasn’t mayhem.”

“I’m sorry, Lightfoot. I voted for you… but I can’t be involved in any level of sugarcoating what I saw,” Dennis told Fox News’ Fox News’ Garrett Tenney. “That was mayhem.”

Lightfoot told WGN9 that the vast majority of young people who descended on downtown came “because it was great weather and an opportunity to enjoy the city.

“That’s absolutely and entirely it,” Lightfoot said, according to WGN9. “There are a few that came with different intentions. They have and they will be dealt with.”

But Dennis, who witnessed the chaos first hand, took issue with Lightfoot’s response.

The bystander stepped in to help Ashley Knutson and Devante Garrison-Johnson, with Dennis telling Fox News she feared the couple could be killed if the beating continued.

“I felt like if I did not intervene, that young man would have gotten killed right there,” she said. “It was just something that I had to do because I couldn’t accept that.



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