West Virginia Lawmaker Says He Fully Expects Donald Trump to Win Every County in the State

West Virginia State House Delegate Josh Holstein believes that former President Donald Trump will win every county in the state if he is the Republican nominee in 2024.

A big part of his expectation, he said, comes from the fact that Trump fought for the coal workers in the state, in sharp contrast to Democrats who promote a “globalist climate agenda.”

Holstein made the remarks in a radio interview with Breitbart News over the weekend.

“Our district has been a coal producing bastion for about 100 years. And with the war on coal and the war on fossil fuels, under the Obama administration, my areas, my communities here, really were devastated,” Holstein explained. “And not only did we lose our jobs and our livelihoods, but we also lost a lot of population, about 50 percent.”

The state, which was blue until 2014, is now one of the reddest states in the nation.

“Our West Virginia State Legislature was under 88 years of Democratic control consecutively up until 2014. So it’s not like this is a deeply red state that’s always been traditionally Republican, but Donald Trump changed that. And, you know, the folks here that had been so loyal to the Democrat Party over the years had the rug pulled out from underneath them all for a globalist climate agenda.”

Holstein said that Trump impressed him at the first rally he attended for him by asking questions that every day Americans were concerned about.

“As a result, President Trump won every county in West Virginia in 2016, in 2020, both in the primaries and in the general elections,” the lawmaker said. “And I fully anticipate that he’ll do the exact same in 2024. I’m proud to support him and help him any way that I can because I believe that our people here in this state need more leadership in the White House, and we have trust and leadership under Trump.”

Breitbart’s host, Matt Boyle, noted that Democrats “are screwing over those working class people who go into those coal mines, who go work in those factories, who go to the working class blue collar jobs across America, they have screwed them over time and time again for the last several decades.”

“I think here and here in West Virginia, we’ve had some of the biggest conservative achievements,” Holstein said. “And oftentimes, I think they get overlooked, because we’re not a swing state or we’re not a very nationally recognized conservative Bastion, but we have really passed a very conservative agenda. We’ve effectively banned all abortions in our state.”

“We’ve protected women’s sports. We’ve also banned gender transition surgeries for minors,” Holstein added. “We’ve instituted the Hope Scholarship Program, which allows state tax dollars to follow the students if they choose some kind of private education or homeschooling, anything like that.”

Holstein continued, “and we’ve defended our Second Amendment. We passed the Second Amendment Preservation and Non-commandeering Act, which basically prevents the federal government from coming in, like the ATF and all the other ones, from coming in and using state resources to enforce federal laws. So if there’s any executive order by the president or any unconstitutional gun law passed by Congress, and some kind of federal agency wants to come in and try to seize some of the weapons or charge for a gun crime, then they have to use federal resources. They’re not allowed to use state resources. We’ve also passed campus carry to give, you know, our adults on college campuses the right to defend themselves and to protect themselves.”

“Our yearly budget’s about 4.8 billion a year, but we passed a tax cut of $800 million, just this past session, which is about a 21 and a quarter personal income tax reduction,” Holstein said. “As well as a property tax exemption for disabled vets and a motor vehicle property tax exemption. So we’re doing a lot of great things in our state, and we have more things coming up soon.”


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