West Virginia Lawmaker Elliott Pritt is Fourth Democrat to Switch to Republican Party in Two Months

Just a week ago, Louisiana State Rep. Jeremy LaCombe switched from the Democrat party to Republican.

Now a lawmaker named Elliott Pritt of West Virginia is doing the same. This makes Pritt the fourth Democrat to leave the party and become a Republican in just two months.

Does anyone at the Democrat party ever stop for a moment and ask themselves why this keeps happening?

Breitbart News reports:

West Virginia Democrat Lawmaker Elliott Pritt Switches Parties

The Republican supermajority in West Virginia’s House of Delegates grew bigger on Monday after first-term Del. Elliott Pritt switched to the Republican Party, making him the fourth Democrat to change parties nationwide in less than two months.

West Virginia Republican Party broke the news by releasing a statement from the state party chair, Elaine McArdle, saying Pritt will register as a Republican.

“I want to welcome Delegate Elliott Pritt to the Republican Party. Like so many West Virginians, Delegate Pritt has recognized that the Democratic Party of today is not the Democratic Party that our parents grew up with,” McArdle stated.

Pritt’s seat was a pick-up for the Democrats after he defeated a Republican incumbent in the 2022 election. His switch gives the Republicans 89 members in the House, shrinking Democrats down to 11.

CBS News reported that his decision to switch parties was accounted for in the West Virginia Legislature’s official House roster by late morning.

This is a trend.

How many more Democrats will dump their party for the GOP?



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