Were They Told to Stand Down? The DOJ’s Arizona Election Fraud Investigators Go AWOL Following 2020 and 2022 Elections – Where Are They Today?

A couple of weeks before the 2020 election, the DOJ District of Arizona announced a team would look into election complaints. The U.S. Attorney for that Phoenix office was Michael G. Bailey. He appointed (AUSA) Sean Lokey to lead efforts investigating complaints. This also included possible civil right violations of voters. Their press release announced Lokey as the new District Elections Officer (DEO). It even provided Lokey’s direct phone numbers (602-514-7516 & 602-361-6516). The DOJ was ready to fight election fraud…..so we thought.

Arizona was a hotbed of issues after the 2020 election. Arrests were made in Yuma, substantial ballot harvesting evidence from True the Vote, Liz Harris canvassing showed horrific fraud, Dr. Shiva proved over 17,000 duplicate ballots, signature matching was turned off in Maricopa, and so on. Does anyone remember what Lokey investigated? The Arizona Senate conducted our country’s first sophisticated forensic election audit, the Maricopa County ballots. It was also a federal election, and the final report showed numerous issues, if not fraud. Sean Lokey was nowhere to be found during any of these issues.

The Gateway Pundit contacted the DOJ with basic questions about investigations conducted by this Phoenix office for the 2020 election. For 16 months we repeatedly asked:

1) Did they receive any complaints?
2) Did they open any cases?
3) Did they pursue complaints made publicly, or just handle inbound complaints?

No one from the DOJ responded, just silence. We also directed these questions to DOJ Phoenix staff. This included Assistant Attorney (AUSA) Public Affairs Officer Esther Winne, Sean Lokey, Michael Bailey, and others. Nothing, no response.

Why did this DOJ office establish people and processes for election complaints and publicize it? Then after the election, refuse to acknowledge if any work was logged, or cases opened? Are they embarrassed to answer? Do they have no substantial cases to point to? Were they told to stand down? Back in 2020, Lokey took orders from U.S. Attorney Bailey, who answered to Bill Barr. Bailey said “Integrity of the voting process is vital to our democracy. My office stands ready to ensure that integrity is protected and preserved”. And yet, they did nothing.

A DOJ search shows Lokey only prosecuted 2 people involved with elections in the last several years. It’s not what you think. The masterminds left menacing voicemails for Arizona election officials, and neither is from Arizona. Last December, Lokey bagged a 44 year old Ohio man who left VM’s to the AZ Secretary of State’s office. A couple of weeks ago, Lokey snagged a 64-year-old Iowa man who left a message with a Maricopa County Board member. Are you kidding us, voice mails from 2,000 miles away! This is exactly what protecting Uni-Party elections looks like. Massive resources, from multiple field offices, used to catch two phone callers. But nothing for the 2020 election.

Sean Lokey was again appointed (DEO) over Arizona 2022 elections. The new Biden appointed U.S Attorney for Phoenix, Gary Restaino, made the announcement in a press release. He also explains the FBI will have special agents in Phoenix to receive complaints or accusations. After the 2022 election, extensive investigations did take place. But it was not by the FBI or DOJ. It was by citizens, election workers, and the legal teams for candidates. Although Kari Lake ran for State Governor in 2022, it was also a federal election. Civil Rights are clearly violated when 60% of the voting machine have issues on election day. The Lake team has acquired numerous documents, witnesses, and stunning proof of malfeasance.

But Sean Lokey has NEVER contacted Kari Lake or her legal team. We can find no evidence Lokey or the FBI contacted voters disenfranchised by broken machines. Are they the wrong skin color for the DOJ? Remember when Maricopa was to hand over subpoenaed 2020 election data. Just before this handoff, Maricopa employee Brian Ramirez obtained unauthorized access to the server room and deleted federal election data, all caught on video. During a Congressional hearing in DC, Maricopa County Board members admitted files were “deleted”, then later changed it to “archived”. Again, Sean Lokey did nothing.

Lokey’s former boss, Michael G. Bailey, is now the general counsel for the Arizona Chamber of Commerce. Unfortunately, no images of Sean Lokey were available. However, we would like to show the Phoenix office of the DOJ. It is located in “Renaissance Square”, one of the most iconic and luxurious high rise office buildings in Arizona. The buildings are clad in an expensive copper glow to represent Arizona’s “Copper State” motto, based on their huge copper mines.


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