“We Call on Ray Epps to Come On Gateway Pundit or Come on the War Room and Face This Audience!” – Steve Bannon and Jim Hoft Challenge DOJ’s Favorite J6 Protester to Come on and Explain New Video of His Criminal Conduct on Jan. 6 (VIDEO)

These eight Trump supporters are serving years in prison for “touching” a giant Trump sign that was thrown at police on January 6, 2021.  No officers were injured in what the government ruled was an “assault” on police.  Ray Epps was also filmed hurling this sign at police but for some reason was never charged with a crime.

On Sunday night “60 Minutes” ran an entire fluff piece on Ray Epps, defending his conduct leading Trump supporters to the US Capitol, breaking through two sets of barriers, and urging Trump supporters to enter the US Capitol on January 6.

The once respected news magazine ran an entire segment defending Ray Epps and NEVER ONCE mentioned his criminal assault that day!

The fake news outlet HID THIS from the American public!

In his testimony before the sham January 6 Committee on January 21, 2022,  insisted “I don’t break the law” and “It’s not in my DNA.”

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But this was not true. Ray Epps was not being honest in his testimony under oath to the sham committee.  Ray Epps, a likely federal cut-out, was never arrested despite leading crowds to the US Capitol and taking part in a criminal assault.

We have the evidence on Epps.

In the damning video below first captured by Patty McMurray, Ray Epps is filmed hoisting a massive Trump sign with several other Trump supporters. Epps was likely leading the efforts as he led the crowd when they breached not just the first set of barriers to the US Capitol but also the second set of barriers to the US Capitol that day. (another crime)

You can see Ray Epps in the video near the corner of the sign.

The protesters walk it over to where the police are standing outside the US Capitol.

Ray Epps is with them the entire time. After the sign is released the Ray Epps pops up and is seen standing and directing the crowd.

This was captured on video. Patty McMurray discovered this clip.

In January The Gateway Pundit posted an additional video of Ray Epps hurling the sign at police.

Please Note: No police officers were hurt during the incident.

This was posted by FreeStateWill.

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Today several men are sitting in prison for touching the sign that passed over their heads that Ray Epps was hurling at police.

As Kelly Wilde reported earlier – Anyone who touched the sign —“an enormous battering ram,” according to prosecutors— was denied bond and subject to lengthy prison sentences:

Steve Bannon and The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft on The War Room.

On Tuesday The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft joined Steve Bannon on The War Room to discuss this latest evidence of criminal conduct by Ray Epps caught on video.

Steve Bannon challenged Ray Epps to come on with The Gateway Pundit or The War Room and “face this audience!”
Here is the video from Tuesday’s War Room on Frank Speech.

Ray Epps was never charged for pushing this massive sign at police.

The individuals below were not as lucky. These eight men were charges with an average 3 years in prison for touching this sign as it passed over their head on January 6.

Ray Epps walks free today.

** Charles “Brad” Smith (41 months)

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** Marshall Neefe (41 months)

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** Thomas Hamner (30 months)

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** Howard Richardson (46 months)

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** Alan Byerly (34 months)

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** Jose Padilla (held 25 months)

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** Jonathan Copeland. uncertain sentence at this time.

** Sean McHugh – 22 months in prison and still waiting for trial.

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These men are serving years in prison for touching the sign –  over 16 years total combined.

The average sentence for these men is around 3 years in prison – for TOUCHING the sign that Ray Epps hurled at police.

This is absolute tyranny.  Our government is openly attacking its citizens.

Although many were trying to avoid being hit by it themselves, Epps clearly shoves the sign so hard that it knocks McHugh’s mom to the ground.

Ray Epps is a free man tonight.

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