Watch: Mayor Adams Takes Shot at Biden, Claims NYC is Being ‘Destroyed’ by Fed Gov’t

In an uncharacteristic move, New York’s left-wing, progressive, Democrat Mayor, Eric Adams, has taken a shot at a Democrat president, saying that Joe Biden’s open border policies are “destroying” his city.

Adams lashed out at Biden’s policies during an event in Washington D.C. hosted by the African American Mayors Association.

“The city is being destroyed by the migrant crisis,” Adams directly asserted.

Oddly, this is the same Eric Adams who only two years ago was proclaiming that America should “protect our immigrants. Period.”

Adams even appeared to take a shot at his own Democrat officials back in New York.

“And none of my folks came to Washington, D.C., to fight for the resources that’s going to undermine every agency in our city,” Adams added during the panel discussion.

The mayor also seemed to think that if it weren’t for the migrant crisis invading his city, he’d be hailed as having turned his budget around.

“If you removed the $4.2 billion dollars that have been dropped into my city because of a mismanaged asylum seeker issue, you [would have] probably witnessed one of the greatest fiscal turnarounds in the history of New York City,” he said.

The crisis is real, of course, and you can’t just remove $4.2 billion dollars from the bottom line. The Post added, “The latest figures from City Hall show that 34,800 asylum seekers are currently being housed in 104 emergency shelters and eight Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Centers (HERRCs). More than 56,000 have filtered through the Big Apple within the last year.”

While still uncharacteristic, this actually was not the first time that Adams has taken a shot at Joe Biden about the migrant crisis.

Several days before the panel, Adams blasted Biden’s border policies and accused the president of abandoning the Big Apple and creating “one of the largest humanitarian crises that this city has ever experienced,” Adams insisted.

“The national government has turned its back on New York City,” Adams exclaimed, according to the New York Post. “Every service in this city is going to be impacted by the asylum seeker crisis.”

“New York City has spent $817 million to address the migrant crisis between July 2022 and March, according to the Office of Budget and Management. Estimates show the city will spend $4.2 billion on costs related to the migrant crisis from June 2023 through the end of fiscal year 2024,” Breitbart News reported.

Unlike Republicans in 2023, who have a maddening tendency to backbite, undermine, and needle each other all day long, Democrats rarely attack each other, so this is a rare event to see a Democrat mayor of one of America’s largest cities blasting a Democrat president.

But, in this case, Mayor Adams is right. Biden’s wide-open border policies are truly hurting the whole of the country, not just New York City.

Thanks to Biden’s weak border enforcement polices, for instance, illegal drugs have been flooding this country by Mexican drug cartels pushing Chinese-made fentanyl and causing overdose deaths to soar.

Just last December it was reported that there were over 2.3 million illegal immigrants were arrested that fiscal year for the first time in history, per the Texas Tribune. And that is just the number caught. There were many more untold numbers who got away and were not stopped by border patrol officers.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is wasting more than $130,000 every day NOT to build more border wall barriers and to store the border wall construction materials that the Trump admin. purchased.

As odd as it is to say, New York’s Democrat mayor is 100 percent right.

Joe Biden’s policies have been an unmitigated disaster for this country. And the end is nowhere near in sight.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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