Watch: Biden Publicly Humiliates Himself as He Calls Congresswoman Wrong Name 6 Times in a Row

On Monday, President Joe Biden made himself look like a fool with yet another public gaffe — this time by pronouncing the name of a Democratic congresswoman wrong, not once, but six times and right in front of her face.

The doddering Biden, first lady Jill Biden and U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona were gathered at the White House to honor the Council of Chief State School Officers’ 2023 Teachers of the Year when the president began searching the audience for Democratic Rep. Jahana Hayes of Connecticut.

Hayes was elected to represent the fifth district in The Nutmeg State in 2018 when she ran for the seat once held by now-Sen. Chris Murphy. But before that, Hayes was a teacher who won the “Teacher of the Year” award in 2016.

On Monday, during the White House event, Biden brought up Jahana’s name, but unfortunately, he didn’t have the first idea how to pronounce it. (The proper pronunciation of her name can be seen in a 2022 interview seen on Youtube.)

But despite that the woman’s name, Jahana, is pronounced Juh-han-uh, Biden repeatedly called her “Jonah,” as in a man’s name as seen in the Bible story of “Jonah and the Whale.”

“Thank you for the members of Congress here today,” Biden told the small crowd assembled in the Rose Garden, “including two outstanding educating congresswomen, Jonah … and, by the way, Jonah Hayes is, Jonah where are you? There you are Jonah. Right in front of me. Stand up, Jonah. Jonah happens to be a teacher, happens to be the 2016 national teacher of the year.”

Biden then went on to recognize Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman of New York, who was also a teacher before entering Congress.

This is par for the course for this aged man, who is reportedly on the cusp of announcing that he is launching a bid for re-election to the White House.

The 80-year-old Biden has been a literal gaffe machine as president.

To try and name every gaffe this man has made from the dais would be a massive undertaking, but let’s name a few. When speaking in Ukraine on President’s Day this year, Biden humiliated the U.S.A. on the international scene when he got so mixed up talking about members of NATO that he could not remember where he was in his speech despite the teleprompter right in front of him.

In another gaffe made overseas, Biden called a New Zealand rugby team the “Black and Tans,” instead of their proper name, the “All Blacks” — a name based on their all black uniforms. On that one, the White House transcript team helpfully stepped in and made the gaffe disappear on the written record.

Then, in April, when talking about tax cheats, the president was unable to spell the word eight when he decided to try and do so during a speech, getting only “e-i-g-h” out before giving up.

In March, while announcing yet more land taken over by the federal government, Biden had no clue how to pronounce the name of that new monument he was minting in Nevada, and got hung up trying to say the Avi Kwa Ame National Monument.

And these mush-mouthed gaffes do not to even address the dozens of false tales Biden has told about his life and family over and over again — for decades.

Just recently, he even invented a new lie about his life when he claimed he saw two men kissing in high school in the early 1960s. He claimed that the incident gave him an “epiphany” as a high school kid to support gay rights. But, the truth is, he had been against gays rights and gay marriage all the way until about 2006. Biden even voted for the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act that defined marriage as between one man and one woman. And that isn’t even to address the unlikeliness that two gay men would be seen kissing each other in public in 1961!

Joe Biden has been a serial gaffemeister and fabulist for years. And the media simply turns a blind eye to it all. No wonder more than 70 percent of Americans don’t want Joe to run for a second term.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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