Update: Mexican National Accused of Gunning Down Five People in Texas Identified – Police Say Suspect was Drunk

Francisco Oropeza
Credit: ABC 13 News

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier that five people were killed in a home late Friday night by a suspect armed with AR-15 style rifle, according to officials from San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office.

The shooting took place in Cleveland, Texas, a small town near Houston.

The suspect remains on the loose.

Police are asking locals to stay inside and clear of the crime scene until the investigation concludes.

The good news is police have identified the man allegedly responsible for the deaths of the five people. His name is Francisco Oropeza, a 39-year-old Mexican national.

Police say Oropoza was intoxicated and began shooting an AR-15 outside on his front porch. That’s when neighbors asked Oropeza to be quiet because they had a baby who was trying to sleep, according to ABC 13 News.

The officers have now located him and are trying to bring him into custody.

Fox News reported:

The suspect in the execution-style killings is Francisco Oropeza, 39, a Mexican national, according to San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers.

Police have located Oropeza and are hopeful that he will soon be in custody, Capers told Fox News Digital. The sheriff said police have pinned the suspect in a wooded area 1.2 miles west of the crime scene where an eight-year-old boy was one of the five killed.

The Texas Department of Corrections has sent a team with dogs, officers on horseback and a drone in the air to assist with Oropeza’s arrest, police said.

Capers told Fox News Digital he is “praying” that the suspect will be in custody in the next two to four hours.


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