University of Iowa Students Protest Speech by Conservative Matt Walsh by Playing Music, Chanting ‘F*** Matt Walsh’ (VIDEO)

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire is speaking at the University of Iowa and some of the students are not handling it well.

Naturally, there is a protest. This never happens when liberal or even radical leftists speak on college campuses.

The left doesn’t want to debate ideas, they want everyone they disagree with to be silenced.

KCRG News reports:

Univ. of Iowa students protest conservative commentator Matt Walsh’s appearance on campus

Hours before known conservative commentator Matt Walsh was set to speak at the Iowa Memorial Union on Wednesday, students gathered across the street in protest. At the same time, inside IMU, many lined up outside the theater to see a screening of Walsh’s documentary, ‘What is a Woman?’.

TV-9 spoke with several students with varying reactions to the event. One first-first year student, Kelsie Stewart, said she knew about the event thanks to the information spread across social media.

“People are like, ‘No, this isn’t okay, we need to be doing something about it.’ And other people are like ‘Who cares?” recalled Stewart.

While she made no plans to protest or attend the event, she said she’s still largely against it.

“It’s just a little bit sad that we would invite someone like that on to our campus especially because Iowa is so progressive and always so open about acceptance and everything but then it’s kind of going backwards on that by having him here,” said Stewart.

Iowa Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) helped to organize the event. Leaders with the group say it’s important to have Walsh on campus to lead certain topics when it comes to the transgender community.

Some students played music and chanted ‘F’ Matt Walsh:

Protesters also put marbles on the floor, to make people fall:

Some of these students think college should be free. Why should taxpayers fund free college when half of America isn’t welcome on campus?


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