Unhinged Florida State Rep. Claims Girls Will Cut Off Their Own Breasts If They Can’t Get Sex Change Surgeries (VIDEO)

Unhinged Florida State Rep. Anna Eskamani has claimed that girls will “cut off their own breasts” if they cannot access sex change surgeries.

Florida lawmakers are considering a bill banning sex change drugs, hormones, and surgical procedures for minors.

Rep. Eskamani made the wild claim while speaking on the floor.

“Surgery is very, very rare for those under the age of 18,” Eskamani said. “When it does happen, these are children who are going to cut off their own breasts if we don’t help them. They are wrapping bands around their chest so tight that they can’t breath.”

The politician claimed that stopping the mutilation of children is simply a “moral panic.”

“And so please, try to put yourself into the shoes of those impacted. Ignore the moral panic that has been manufactured many times by right-wing media and integrated into political campaigns.”

Rep. Eskamani claimed that not allowing children to be mutilated or sterilized will cause them to kill themselves.

“If they are unable to access care, then they have suicidal ideations,” argued Democratic Rep. Anna Eskamani of Orlando. “Their self-esteem is low, and we should respect parents to make decisions for their families, with their kid.”

The bill in question will also ban universities, local governments, and state workers with Florida’s Medicaid managed care program from using public funds for transgender treatments.

“I support the rights of fully informed adults who identify as transgender to pursue sex reassignment procedures,” said Republican State Sen. Alexis Calatayud of Miami. “Similarly, I believe it is the responsibility of this body to protect children from life-altering and irreversible choices of which they cannot consent.”


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