“I’m Glad I Got Kicked Out” – Trump Supporter Crashes DeSantis “Book Signing” in Georgia and Describes the Event

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis held a “book signing” event in Georgia.  A young Trump supporter and her friend crashed the event. 

Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, is well respected for his efforts in Florida while overseeing the state.  He has made a name for himself by taking common-sense actions during the COVID pandemic and while governor of the Sunshine State.

Because Florida law currently says that the governor cannot run for President without resigning the governorship, DeSantis has yet to announce he’s running for president. Instead of committing, he’s going on a book tour.

FOX News 5 reported:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has not formally declared his candidacy for president, but his appearance at Adventure Outdoors gun shop felt like a campaign rally, complete with a handful of Trump supporters who gathered in the store parking lot.

They were far outnumbered by DeSantis supporters who began lining up hours before doors opened for Thursday’s event.

The Florida governor’s appearance in Smyrna is his latest stop on a nationwide book tour which has included visits to key states like Iowa, fueling speculation DeSantis will run for the GOP party’s presidential nomination.

But there was much FOX didn’t report.  A young Trump supporter was there and she shared her observations.

Her overall observation is similar to what we heard from a conservative who recently attended a DeSantis event in the LA area – everyone there liked DeSantis but they are going to vote for President Trump. 

Here are the observations from DeSantis’s event on Thursday:

  • There were a lot of Florida plates parked outside the event – “Maybe he’s got a road crew”
  • There was a lot of media there but not a lot of attendees
  • The Trump bus showed up for the “book signing” and parked out front
  • Everyone there liked DeSantis but said they were voting for Trump
  • Maybe 250 people were there but none identified as a DeSantis voter
  • There were DeSantis – Kemp signs indicating that DeSantis might align with GA Gov Kemp – terrible move – after 2020 Kemp sideswiped the MAGA crowd in 2020
  • The Trump girls were kicked out because they were told, “actually it’s not a book signing”
  • This was scheduled the same day as the bogus indictment was announced in NY
  • DeSantis’s voice is “insufferable – he sounds like a muppet”
  • DeSantis also looked uncomfortable
  • “I’m glad I got kicked out of his rally because it was boring as f*ck”

Here it is from the mouth of a Trump supporter:

OMG – Devastating. 

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