“They’re Trying to Make It a Crime, for I Guess, Making Money for Your Investors” – Liz Harrington on Letitia James’s Laughable and Illegitimate Case Against President Trump

President Trump’s Communication Director Liz Harrington discusses the insane case against the President where the President was forced to sit through seven hours of testimony this week in New York. This is laughable it’s so illegitimate.

This past week President Trump was forced to sit through seven hours of testimony in a case in New York.  The people of New York should be ashamed that their law enforcement and corrupt Attorney General are wasting taxpayer dollars on this embarrassing case.

Trump Answers Questions For 7 Hours During Deposition in Legal Battle with NY AG Letitia James

Lawfare is out of hand after Obama destroyed the Justice Department and brought in crooks to run the hen house.  The current DOJ under Biden is even worse.  The entire entity is now under corrupt leadership for more than a decade.  This is how good Americans sit in jail for years without court dates and how the President and his supporters face bogus case after bogus case.  This is not America.

Liz Harrington joined Joe Hoft on TNT Radio and she discussed the case in New York along with a number of issues facing the nation today.

Liz shared at the 25-minute mark in the clip below the following:

So they heard 7 hours of someone talk about how they built probably one of the greatest companies this country’s ever seen.  I mean that is amazing, what they are accusing him of, it’s perfect. 

Because they actually accuse him of overinflating the value of his assets and actually they were undervalued and he made back the banks all of their money and then some.

So they’re trying to make it a crime, for I guess, making money for your investors. 

The whole thing is but another lawfare tactic.  And President Trump has nothing to hide but the point is to try to bog him down, bog the campaign down, attacking him on all these different angles, make him spend money, make him spend the time, divert resouces which exactly like you’re saying Joe, I think was a brilliant point.

That was the point of the whole Russiagate too.  I mean that was part of it.  But they had to smear President Trump and make up a bunch of lies about him to divert everybody to him when he did nothing wrong to hide what they were actually doing because before they spied on President Trump they were spying on everybody.

I mean remember what they were doing with the Iran deal?  They were spying on members of Congress…Imaging what we don’t know.

Listen to more in the audio below from Friday’s interview with Liz Harrington.

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