“They [FOX] Can’t Afford to Have Hosts Who Are Pushing Americanism” – Kari Lake Sends Message to Tucker Carlson, Discusses Joe Biden’s Re-Election Bid With Eric Bolling

Arizona’s true Republican leader, Kari Lake, joined Eric Bolling on Newsmax Tuesday to discuss the 2024 Presidential Election and the recent decision by Fox News to let go of Tucker Carlson, the top-rated network news anchor in the country.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Monday that FOX News announced they were parting ways with their top-rated prime-time host, Tucker Carlson, after his final show last Friday.

Steve Bannon immediately weighed in on the news, telling his War Room viewers, “With this, I don’t know why anybody needs to watch anything on the Murdoch empire.”

Fox News has been playing for the other side for a long time now. Everybody remembers when fake news crank Bret Baier called Arizona for Joe Biden in 2020 before the polls were even closed and while voters were still waiting in line. But this was a shock to America, as Tucker was one of the only remaining voices for the populist Americans on Fox.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Tucker was the only Fox host who had Kari Lake on his show to discuss her stolen election, showing his support for her lawsuit against the fraud by Katie Hobbs and Maricopa County. “I completely agree with you, and if you care about Democracy, this would be at the top of your list. I’m glad you’re doing this,” said Tucker regarding Kari’s stolen election lawsuit.

Tucker had to go because Fox News wants to push propaganda that benefits the ruling class DC elites and derails President Trump’s MAGA agenda. They don’t care if it was a bad move for the business, losing them billions in stock value.

“It’s very obvious right now that Fox News has become the establishment GOP, which is really the Uniparty Republicans,” said Kari Lake. “They can’t afford to have a Tucker Carlson speaking out over the next year and a half because it will ruin their push toward globalism.”

Lake and Bolling also discussed brain-dead Joe Biden’s recently announced 2024 re-election bid. Kari Lake declared that she is “100% in the corner of President Trump” and called Joe Biden “one of the biggest losers we’ve ever seen in politics.”

Lake further slammed Biden for doing the dirty work of the Cartels and the Chinese Communist Party with policies that are destroying our country and economy and for hiding from debates against RFK Jr.

Before ending her segment, Lake gave a message to Tucker: “Speak out.” “We need your voice over the next year and a half to save our country,” she said, assuring him that Americans would chip in to help him fight a lawsuit by the disgraced Fox Corp.

Watch below:

Boling: Yesterday, Tucker Carlson got blindsided. He got fired by Fox News, and you know, we pointed out that Fox News is moving far left. They’ve moved to the center, they’re even pushing themselves farther left with Paul Ryan on the board and Karl Rove being one of their major voices over there. What do you say to the people who are watching right now who said, you know, I’ve had it with Fox? They called Arizona first for Biden, which they shouldn’t have. And now they’ve fired Tucker Carlson.

Lake: Well, I mean, they’re running a business. They have the right to run it the way they will. And it’s very obvious right now that Fox News has become the establishment GOP, which is really the Uniparty Republicans. They’re the ones who are really in bed with the left. It’s the Democrats and the Republicans in the Uniparty who are pushing a globalist agenda, and they can’t afford to have hosts who are pushing Americanism, who are America First and love this country. They can’t afford to have a Tucker Carlson speaking out over the next year and a half because it will ruin their push toward globalism. That’s why they got rid of Bongino.

What I say to every host that is left on Fox News, which is the establishment news channel: Do not let them use your voice, your reputation, your heart, and your soul to push propaganda about establishment politics that are going to destroy our country. Step away. Don’t let those golden handcuffs handcuff you to an agenda and narrative and propaganda that you don’t support. This is your time to stand up. We have a year and a half to save our country. I worry, I don’t know what Tucker’s deal is, but I worry that he might still be under contract and they’re literally going to be paying him 10, 20, 30 million a year to just sit there and be quiet. We can’t afford to have Tucker Carlson’s voice silenced for a year and a half. I don’t know if Tucker’s listening to this, but if he happens to hear it, I beg you, Tucker Carlson, to speak out. Break the terms of that contract. We need your voice over the next year and a half to save our country. And if you get sued by your former employer, we will help create a defense fund to help you fight that lawsuit. We need your voice. We need every American’s voice who cares about this country in the next year and a half to save our Constitution and to save our country.

Via Eric Bolling on Newsmax:

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