The Biden Family European Vacation to Ireland Reminded Americans of the Griswold Family Vacations in the 1980s

This family vacation was even more comical than the Griswold family vacations in the 1980s. 

The Biden family decided to visit distant relatives in Ireland and enjoy a vacation together at the same time.  Instead we saw something much different.

David Marcus at Daily Mail said it nicely:

Renowned artist, international playboy, scallywag and presidential scion, Hunter Biden is prancing around the Emerald Isle with his dear old dad, all the while under Justice Department and Congressional investigations.

Must be nice. But back at home, Americans have a few questions.

In fact, millions have been waiting years to resolve the myriad probes and scandals swarming around the troubled second son of the president. And instead, they get slapped in the face with this?

The Biden Family European Vacation.

Not since the Griswold’s have we witnessed such a disaster.

And it’s shameless.

It might be one thing if the recovering crack addict of sordid laptop fame was just quietly tucked into the back of Air Force One, keeping a low profile while visiting with Joe’s distant cousins. But no. He is openly assisting his dad at official events.

Don’t forget!

Hunter is currently under federal investigation for failure to pay taxes linked to his shady international business dealing. He’s also being investigated by House Republicans for allegedly leveraging the political power of his famous father to help him sell access to the highest levels of the American government.

In 2013, Hunter tagged along in Air Force Two, with then-Vice President Joe Biden, on an official visit to Beijing. Little did we know at the time, but Hunter was actually using the trip to court Chinese investors, who ended up paying him to help promote their interests in the West.

Ye Jianming, the former chairman of Chinese energy conglomerate CEFC, once gave Hunter Biden a 3-carat diamond estimated to be worth $80,000.

This was like taking senile old grampa on a trip.  It was a disaster before it started.  You couldn’t make up the storyline or the casting.  

Old, senile Grampa is not just lost but he’s the President of the United States based on a stolen election where he was awarded 81 million votes in the 2020 election to beat the most popular President in US history.

This same man rarely left his basement to visit a dozen or so followers sitting in circles at his events before the election but he shattered the old record for most votes in an election by more than 15% to surpass his competitor’s record of the most votes ever by a President and a Republican.

As President, Grampa has destroyed the economy, made a mockery of US foreign policy in many ways, giving $84 billion in military equipment to the Taliban while surrendering Afghanistan, and putting the country in a war in Ukraine against a nuclear power.  Grampa stays out of jail because of a corrupt and evil justice department.

His crackhead son joins him.  This son left a laptop at a computer repair shop with thousands of pictures and videos showing him naked and having sex with random women, doing drugs at the same time.  In addition, it includes numerous activities and evidence of corruption with foreign countries and enemies of the US, like China.  Millions went to this family through this son.

The justice department has held this laptop for years (since 2019) and it proves its corruption by not pressing a single charge against the family despite bountiful evidence of crimes on the laptop.

During the trip his team praises him for being able to walk in the rain.  He shares with a group of Irish, “Let’s go lick the world“.  In a speech in front of Irish politicians, he reads, “End of quote“.

Son Hunter shows his purpose during the trip by helping Joe interpret a simple question from a group of children.  The answer wasn’t so simple, it was more like Irish jibberish.

Hunter Biden Steps in to Help Joe Biden Understand Question He’s Being Asked by Group of Children (VIDEO)

The journey ended as Grampa Joe got lost again right after lying and saying he was once a professor at UPenn.

No one voted for this.  The Irish had no idea what was coming. 

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