Taxpayer-Funded PBS Leads Coverage of Trump Case With Author of Anti-Trump Book (VIDEO)

Taxpayer funded PBS kicked off their coverage of the Trump case tonight by speaking to a woman named Andrea Bernstein, who is the author of an anti-Trump book.

PBS has always been liberal, but like most of the media, has gone to the extreme left in recent years.

It’s fine if they want to do that, but they should not be allowed to do it using tax dollars.

Here’s a partial transcript, via PBS:

Amna Nawaz:

To give us a sense of what happened in that courtroom. Today, I’m joined by Andrea Bernstein. She covers democracy for ProPublica and Trump legal matters for NPR and is the author of “American Oligarchs: The Kushners, the Trumps, and the Marriage of Money and Power.”

Andrea, welcome back. And thanks for joining us.

Most of us saw just brief glimpses of those proceedings today,for example, the short video clip of Mr. Trump very somber being led into that courtroom earlier today. But you were in the room. So describe for us what it was like in the room, what you observed.

Andrea Bernstein, ProPublica:

So, in one sense, it was totally normal.

Here’s the very same courtroom where Trump’s former chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, was indicted and pleaded guilty. This was the courtroom where Trump’s own company was last December found guilty of multiple felonies. But it was also extraordinary, because the — first of all, the security was like nothing I have ever seen.

There were court officers lining the center aisle all around with the room Secret Service, police. There was an atmosphere, no laptops, no electronics, enforced quiet. You could hear a little bit of the protests. But there was the former president of the United States having to say to a judge “Not guilty,” something we have obviously never seen, and quite extraordinary to see in person.

Watch the video below:

PBS should not receive tax dollars. It has been said before, but it bears repeating.

Let liberals fund them. That’s who they serve.

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