SNL Goes All In on Supporting Mutilating Children, Has ‘Non-Binary’ Cast Member Go on Rant About ‘Protecting’ Trans Kids (VIDEO)

Saturday Night Live went all in defending the mutilation and sterilization of “trans kids” during the weekend update.

The rant about supporting sex change surgeries and hormone treatments was delivered by Molly Kearney, who identifies as “non-binary.”

“As you know, I’ve been wanting to come to Update and talk about trans people. But I have them for a much longer time than that wanted to fly down from the ceiling,” Kearney said after she dropped in on a harness.

“But I’m not gonna lie, this harness is pretty tight and my groin area is beefed,” the actress asserted. “I’ve been hung up by my genitals for far too long and I’m starting to feel like a frickin’ Republican lawmaker.”

Kearney then took on a serious tone and discussed the 13 states who have enacted, and two dozen others are considering, laws against sex change procedures for minors. Despite liberals claiming that puberty blockers and hormone treatments are reversible, they often leave the person sterilized and with changes to their bodies that they cannot go back from.

“Restricting Health Care for Kids. For some reason, there’s something about the word ‘trans’ that makes people forget the word ‘kids.’ If you don’t care about trans kids’ lives, it means you don’t care about fricking kids’ lives,” Kearney said.

The actress then addressed children directly.

“What’s happening kids is wrong and you don’t need to be scared. Our job is to protect you and your job is to focus on being a kid. It’s kind of like me flying in the SNL sky,” she said. “There’s a bunch of dudes asking you about your crotch and where you’re allowed to pee. But if you just hang on, you’ll look up and realize you’re flying kid.”

SNL has long ditched comedy and moved into full-blown left-wing activism.


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