Sky Australia: “Tucker Carlson was FIRED by Lachlan Murdoch for Discussing Secret US Biolabs in Ukraine!”

Tucker Carlson was fired by Fox owner Lachlan Murdoch personally on Friday over his courageous truth-telling and willingness to call out the Biden Regime corruption in Ukraine, Sky News Australia host Andrew Bolt revealed on Tuesday.

While America’s most courageous and popular news anchor has yet to release a statement on his exit at Fox News, host Andrew Bolt at Sky News Australia, the original cable news network founded by Rupert Murdoch, said that Tucker Carlson was fired by Fox owner Lachlan Murdoch personally on Friday.

Some had speculated whether Tucker Carlson was fired or had quit over growing differences with the Murdoch family. “He was sacked by Lachlan Murdoch, the day-to-day boss of News Corp. now that his father Rupert has stepped back. And the scoop is that he was sacked essentially for thinking that he was bigger than Fox News”, Bolt said.

“Maybe now some other hosts will realize it is Lachlan Murdoch who runs the business, and it’s not them… Last week, Fox News had to pay ($787 million) in compensation because some Fox News hosts had gone nuts pushing the fake news that Donald Trump was beaten at the last election by voting machines that had somehow been rigged.”

Tucker Carlson has never supported the inquiry into voting machine manipulation, and famously confronted attorney Sydney Powell over it. Many Democrat politicans and media voiced grave concern over voting machine manipulation prior to 2020.

Bolt also cited the sexual abuse charges levelled at Carlson by Abby Grossberg, the former Fox News booker who allegedly never worked personally with Carlson, conservative social media influencer Greg Price claimed.

The real reason Carlson was fired was presumably his criticism of the US proxy war in Ukraine and massive corruption, Bolt revealed:

“I’ve had my say about Carlson pushing dangerous and plainly false conspiracy theories that (nervous, indecipherable:) paid in Ukraine was hopelessly corrupt, the Biden team was lies in supporting it (sic) – and all of that propaganda was gold to Russian tyrant Vladmir Putin. Carlson’s claims were repeated endlessly on Russian TV to justify Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine. And on that Friday night that he was sacked, Carlson did it all again, despite having pulled his head in as I was assured.

(Shows clip of Carlson criticizing US biolabs and “sensitive nuclear technology” in Ukraine)

“All that, which many viewers would have taken to imply the US was helping Ukraine with secret biological weapons research and maybe nuclear weapons – that is crap! But it’s dangerous crap! Now I believe many Americans just want to cut Ukraine loose and let the Russian dictator have it.”

“Now that last bit is my speculation, it’s not been confirmed. I do know that Lachlan Murdoch and the Ukrainian President have had a warm conversation, and Lachlan Murdoch’s donated to a fund for journalists (in Ukraine).”

“Now you might say, why wasn’t tough action taken earlier, to make all the Fox News hosts sing from the same song sheet. ‘You’re going to say this, and you’re going to say this.’ Like you see at some other organizations, dare I say the New York Times (in the case of) Bari Weiss… Hosts and journalists get a lot of freedom to say what they think” at the Murdoch organization, Bolt said.

But the message is now out”, Bolt said. “If you threaten your station or your newspaper by going a bit nuts, by saying all sorts of wild things that maybe you know is false, or maybe you haven’t bothered to check enough – It doesn’t matter how big you are, you are never bigger than the media organization that made you.”

Fox News shares tanked 5% on Monday.

After Tucker released footage exposing the Jan. 6 Fedsurrection as a sham in March and exponerating the QAnon Shaman Jacob Chansley, who has since been released from prison, Rep. Chuck Shumer called on Rupert Murdoch March 7 to “Tell Carlson not to run a second segment” exposing the Democrat lies over Jan. 6.

Speaking to Jen Psaki on MSNBC on Monday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused Tucker Carlson of “incitement to violence” and called for the Federal government to ban him, a clear violation of the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution.

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