Seymour Hersh Reports that Ukrainian Leader Zelensky Embezzled $400 Million from US Payments Allocated for Fuel

Biden and Zelenskyy in Kyiv, February 20,2023, White House photo.


In a recent post on his blog, Seymour Hersh writes that Ukrainian President Zelensky embezzled $400 million from the US that was allocated to Ukraine for fuel. 

This isn’t the first time that we have heard about corruption in Ukraine.  In 2019 The Gateway Pundit reported on Ukrainian businessman Igor Kolomoisky, who controlled Ukraine’s largest commercial bank, Privat Bank.  This bank was said to control Burisma, the oil and gas company that gave Hunter Biden millions.  John Kerry was involved in Burisma as well.  There were reports that Kolmiosky somehow lost $1.8 billion of the bank’s money.  It was suspected that this money went offshore. TGP also reported on all the US politicians who were involved in Ukraine and it wasn’t just for world peace.  It wasn’t to help out the people of Ukraine either.

TGP shared that the current President of Ukraine ran against corruption in the country.  But he has blemishes too.  He had connections to banker Kolomoisky and he was accused of having $41 million in offshore funds.

Zelensky capitalized on widespread public anger at corruption, but his 2019 campaign was dogged by doubts over his anti-graft bona fides, given that his campaign was boosted by media belonging to Kolomoisky — who is accused of stealing US$5.5 billion from his own bank and funneling it offshore in concert with his partner, Hennadiy Boholiubov.

In the heat of the campaign, a political ally of incumbent President Petro Poroshenko published a chart on Facebook purporting to show that Zelensky and his television production partners were beneficiaries of a web of offshore firms that allegedly received $41 million in funds from Kolomoisky’s Privatbank.

Seymour Hersh recently reported on more corruption in Ukraine involving Zelensky according to Eurasian Times:

In his blog, Hersh writes – The Ukraine government, headed by Volodymyr Zelensky, has been using American taxpayers’ funds to pay dearly for the vitally needed diesel fuel that is keeping the Ukrainian army on the move in its war with Russia.

It is unknown how much the Zalensky government is paying per gallon for the fuel, but the Pentagon was paying as much as $400 per gallon to transport gasoline from a port in Pakistan, via truck or parachute, into Afghanistan during the decades-long American war there.

The issue of corruption was directly raised with Zelensky in a meeting last January in Kyiv with CIA Director William Burns. His message to the Ukrainian president, I was told by an intelligence official with direct knowledge of the meeting, was out of a 1950s mob movie.

The senior generals and government officialsin Kyiv were angry at what they saw as Zelensky’s greed, so Burns told the Ukrainian president because “he was taking a larger share of the skim money than was going to the generals.” 

Burns also presented Zelensky with a list of thirty-five generals and senior officials whose corruption was known to the CIA and others in the American government. Zelensky responded to the American pressure ten days later by publicly dismissing ten of the most ostentatious officials on the list and doing little else.

“The ten he got rid of were brazenly bragging about the money they had—driving around Kyiv in their new Mercedes,” the intelligence official told me.

Meanwhile, Hersh, citing an intelligence official, said that the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines and lack of strategic planning with regard to Ukraine had caused a growing rift between the White House and the US intelligence community.

Hersh goes on to claim that the Intel Community, and Biden’s White House, are at odds since Joe Biden ordered the sabotage of the Russian Nordstream pipeline.  

The Biden – Obama gang is clearly the most corrupt in US history. 

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