Sabotage in Space: Russians Accuse Kiev of Targeting Civilian Satellites – Threaten ‘Appropriate Response’

From the bottom of the sea, high up to the Stratosphere: after the Nord Stream pipelines were destroyed in a deep sea op, Russians state that the next target for sabotage may be up in space.

TASS reported how the Russian Foreign Ministry pointed to Ukraine’s attempts to influence Russian civilian communications satellites.

Foreign Ministry statement:

“The Kiev regime, with the participation of specialists from a number of foreign states, is attempting to influence Russian civilian communications satellites.

This is an outrageous violation of international law. The Russian side has the right to respond appropriately. All the necessary opportunities are available for this.”

Moscow has not clarified which foreign states would be aiding Kiev in this effort, nor was it clear the precise way in which Kiev is trying to disrupt these craft. Satellites have indeed become a much debated topic in this war.

TASS: “Western governments and private companies have provided Ukraine with satellite coverage for months.

Most notably, the Starlink satellites operated by Elon Musk’s SpaceX have become important tools for the Ukrainian troops in the ongoing conflict with Russia.”

Russian diplomats have warned that these satellites may end up becoming a legitimate military target.

This new spatial development comes just as it surfaces that SpaceX is further limiting Starlink service in Ukraine.

Elon Musk is limiting Starlink services in Ukraine.

“Ukrainian troops relied heavily on Starlink during the initial stages of Russia’s full-scale invasion. The satellites […] played a crucial role during the Ukrainian drone attack on the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Crimea, when Russia’s frigate Admiral Makarov was damaged.

About 20,000 Starlink terminals are also used for artillery fire correction, coordinating maneuvers, conducting aerial reconnaissance, and providing communications between units in remote areas.”

Fearing to be involved in a dangerous escalation of the conflict, Musk limited the use of Starlink terminals for military purposes.

“That led to the Armed Forces of Ukraine losing access to satellite Internet in active warzones and Russia-occupied areas of the country.

It has now been revealed that Starlink is also using geofencing to block the use of its terminals over water and when the receiver is moving at speeds over 100 km/h.”

The reality of contemporary conflict is that no realm is spared anymore: trouble is brewing on sea, on land, in the air and orbiting our planet in space.

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