Robber Steals $100,000 Worth of Dimes from Tractor-trailer in Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Police Department has launched an investigation after $100,000 worth of dimes were stolen from a tractor-trailer parked in a Walmart parking lot in North East Philadelphia.

NBC 4 Washington reported the truck driver picked up a load of dimes totaling $750,000 from the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia.

The driver then left his rig in a Walmart parking lot and went home in order to get rest for his drive to Florida in the morning.

While the trailer was unattended, an unidentified thief took bolt cutters to break into the trailer and stole over 1,000,000 dimes totaling $100,000.

When police were called to the scene on Thursday morning, thousands of dimes were scattered all over the parking lot.

Here was the aftermath:

Per NBC 4 Washington:

An investigation is underway after someone stole around $100,000 worth of dimes from a tractor trailer in the parking lot of Franklin Mills in Northeast Philadelphia.

The truck driver had picked up a load of dimes worth a total of $750,000 from the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia and parked the vehicle in the Walmart parking lot of Franklin Mills along the 4300 block of Byberry Road Wednesday night. The driver was supposed to take the dimes to Florida but left the truck unattended in the parking lot, police said.

At some point overnight into Thursday morning, someone used a bolt cutter to break into the truck and stole a portion of the dimes.

An arial view:

The city of “Brotherly love” isn’t so friendly anymore.

A recent crime report by WPG Radio revealed the Democrat controlled city of Philadelphia is “the 7th worst city in America in terms of the increased homicide rate.”


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