Radical Socialist Chicago Mayor-Elect Brandon Johnson Blames Big Corporations for City’s Rampant Crime, Says Defund the Police Movement “Didn’t Work” (VIDEO)

Chicago went full commie this week with the election of radical socialist Brandon Johnson as Mayor.

Johnson is stepping into the disaster left by failed Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.  One of the most pressing issues in the Windy City is rampant, out of control crime.

Johnson has placed the blame for violence in the city on big corporations.

Fox News reports:

Liberal Chicago Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson put the blame on violence and poverty in the Windy City on big corporations.

“We have large corporations. Seventy percent of large corporations in the city of Chicago — in the state of Illinois, did not pay a corporate tax,” Johnson said during a Thursday appearance on CBS Mornings.

He argued that low investment in Chicago has led to poverty, which in turn caused violence.

“And it’s that type of restraint on our budget that has caused the type of disinvestment that has led to poverty, of course that has led to violence.”

In the CBS Mornings interview, Johnson also discussed the failure of the Defund the Police movement.

“Unfortunately, for too long, the people of Chicago and, quite frankly, people all over the country have been given a false choice on how we actually deal with public safety. What our campaign proved is that you can actually demonstrate, in a real way, how critical investments are the necessary dynamics in order to prevent crime. I mean that’s the ultimate goal, to prevent crime.”

“There is a direct correlation between youth employment and violence reduction. There’s a tremendous correlation between providing mental health care services and reducing crime.”

“You know this notion that the only way in which we can protect the people of Chicago, and the people of our country, is this notion of being tough. You know, what is required in this moment is for us to be smart about our investments, to be critical in our thinking and then to make sure that what we are doing actually works.”

When asked about his past support of the Defund the Police movement, and his “retreat” from that positions, Johnson said, “It’s not so much a retreat, it’s more of having a better understanding of the impetus behind that hashtag.  Look, there were organizers all over the country who wanted to work within the confines of the system…whether it was body cam cameras, dashboard cameras..all of these implementations of formations that were ostensibly provide more accountability within law enforcement…and it didn’t work.”

When pressed on what he will do if defunding the police is not the answer, he said, “We’ve been pushing this ordinance called ‘Treatment Not Trauma.’ In essence, first responders, social workers, counselors, EMT, these individuals would show up to calls that require those of interventions. In fact, in Chicago, almost 40% of the 911 calls are mental health crises. We’re asking police officers to do their job and someone else’s. That’s not strategic.”


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