President Trump Talks About JFK Jr. In His Latest Interview with Mark Levin

President Trump sat down with Fox News host Mark Levin during a recent airing of “Life, Liberty & Levin.”

During one point of the interview, Levin talked about Trump’s new book called “Letters to Trump”.

Levin mentioned that one of the letters in the book is from former US Senator of Massachusetts the late Ted Kennedy.

Trump responded to Levin by saying although they had different philosophies he was good friends with Ted and even gave him  favor at one point in time.

The 45th president would then transition and talk about the late John F. Kennedy, Jr.

Trump stated “I got to know John Kennedy very well. John John. Fantastic guy. I think he could’ve been president.”



He had a magazine named George. He was going to be selling that he wanted to get out. His mother wanted him to go into politics really strongly. He wanted to be an actor and he loved the concept of being an actor.

He was a handsome guy, a very handsome guy and I think he probably would’ve been good at anything he wanted to do. He was with Carolyn (Bessette-Kennedy). I knew him before he got married and after he got married.

They fought like cats and dogs but they loved each other. But they fought and I would say this isn’t going to work out and then I would see them hugging and kissing. But it was fine and it worked. And then they got into that plane and it was a disaster.

I think he would’ve run for the senate from New York or someplace and his mother really wanted him to do that…I think he probably would’ve done well and I think he could’ve been the president.

Donald Trump and JFK Jr. in the latter part of the 90s were seen together on numerous occasions.

Kennedy thought very fondly of Trump and according to Kennedy’s former business partner Michael Berman, Kennedy believed Trump should be the one running for president not him.

John F. Kennedy, Jr. was killed in a plane crash on July 16, 1999.  He was only 38 years-old.


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