POLL: Katie Hobbs Ranks Among the Most Unpopular Governors in the Nation-Republicans Hold 7 of 10 Top Spots

Katie Hobbs is wildly unpopular.  In the lead-up to the 2022 midterm elections, she was trailing Trump-endorsed Kari Lake by double digits days before voters took to the polls.  In fact, the four statewide Trump endorsed candidates led or were at least even in the polls prior to November 8th.

Then the Election Day debacle took its course and we know how that turned out.  Election Day voters that skew heavily Republican were disenfranchised when lines wrapped around buildings, parking lots overflowing with cars, and massive discrepancies with the Runbeck Sentio Ballot On Demand printers printing 19″ ballots that could not be properly scanned.

It’s not looking good for “Governor” Hobbs in the subsequent polls, either.  A Morning Consult poll places Hobbs in the bottom three among all 50 governors.  Only Gov. Jim Pillen of Nebraska and Gov. Tina Kotek of Oregon rank lower.  It is worth noting that Kotek was an 8 point underdog (odds, not polls) to Christine Drazan in the 2022 election just four days prior to November 8th, but somehow pulled off a victory in the “Beaver State”.

According to the new Morning Consult poll, Hobbs’ approval rating is just 47%.

Republicans hold 7 of the 10 top spots with Vermont’s Phil Scott getting the highest marks with a 78% approval rating.


As if the Morning Consult poll wasn’t enough, social media tells the same story: while Kari Lake just surpassed 1,000,000 followers on Twitter and over 600,000 on Truth Social, her opponent “Governor” Katie Hobbs is hovering around 56,000 in a state with 7.55 million people.  Lake has 20 times the following on Twitter and, well, Hobbs doesn’t have a presence on Truth Social.


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