OUTRAGEOUS: Ray Epps on 60 Minutes Plays Innocent Victim – Says “It’s Hard to See Our Capitol Under Attack”

In his 60 minutes propaganda interview, Ray Epps was labeled a Trump supporter, a former Oath Keepers member, and an innocent victim.

60 Minutes tried to paint Epps as innocent but they failed badly.  The evidence is overwhelming to the contrary. 

60 minutes then attacked FOX News and Tucker Carlson for mentioning Ray Epps more than a dozen times.  Most Americans today realize, our media nothing more than  propaganda for the left.

Epps said this about Tucker Carlson, “He’s obsessed with me.” Epps claimed Tucker is doing this “to shift-blame” on somebody else.  What a ridiculous statement.

60 Minutes calls Epps a former loyal FOX News watcher and says he doesn’t understand how he got cast as a villain.  Seriously?

60 Minutes then showed Epps on Jan 5 saying we need to go into the Capitol and being labeled a Fed by others in the crowd standing there like Baked Alaska.  In the interview, Epps says his thoughts were that we were going to surround the Capitol – a total contradiction of what he said numerous times on video.

Epps gaslight and says:

“I had problems with the election.  It was my duty as an American to peacefully protest along with anybody else who wanted to.”

60 Minutes then shows President Trump speaking and sharing we’re going to walk to the Capitol and cuts off him saying “peacefully”.

Epps told 60 Minutes that he wanted to be upfront “to help keep the peace”.  They neglect to say that Ray Epps led the charge through both sets of barriers on the way to the US Capitol

Epps said that he didn’t help a fallen policewoman because he was afraid of getting struck by a police club and thought they might think he was part of this.  WTH?  Yet Epps was never arrested?  And the media is trying desperately to paint this federal operative as an innocent Trump supporter?

Epps says: ” I was there, I wasn’t a part of that, knocking her down.”

Epps says that there was an effort to make him the scapegoat.

60 Minutes ended their propaganda piece by quoting the FBI who shared that Ray Epps has never been an FBI source or employee.

60 Minutes didn’t show Epps instigating violence.  It wouldn’t fit their narrative.

New Video Shows Ray Epps Confronting Police on January 6 – And Clearly Shows Police Instigating and Initiating Violence and Attacking Peaceful Crowd

Epps walks free while at least 8 others rot in jail for doing the same things he did.

Ray Epps Lied – He Committed Criminal Acts and It Was ALL CAUGHT on Video — Here Are the Eight Trump Supporters the FBI Arrested and Who Are Serving Years in Prison for Committing Same Act

Epps also was leading the charge through a 2nd set of barriers and the video was apparently doctored when presented to the court.  Epps was taken out by the prosecutors.

RAY EPPS EXCLUSIVE!! Never-Before-Seen Leaked VIDEO of RAY EPPS Breach! Is the Government Doctoring Video to COVER FOR EPPS & Incriminate the Proud Boys at their Show Trial? THIS IS PART OF THE 14,000 Hours the Government Is Hiding! MUST SEE!!

Here is a tweet about the video.

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