OUCH! Trump Trounces Closest GOP Opposition In New Poll By Whopping 41%…Leaves Other “Competition” In The Dust

Two weeks ago, President Trump was fighting back against yet another witch hunt, this time at the hands of the radical Manhattan DA Bragg.

100 Percent Fed Up reports – The Soros-funded DA, who is hell-bent on twisting the law to destroy Trump’s chances of becoming the next President, was warned by pundits that his phony indictment, based on manufactured charges, would only strengthen President Trump’s position with voters, causing him to be even more popular with voters in the Republican Party and even with Independents.

At the same time, President Trump was reportedly issuing a stark warning to anyone who jumped ship to work on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ reported presidential campaign that they would not be welcomed back and would be blackballed by his campaign. The threat of being blacklisted for their betrayal of President Trump comes as he continues to build his lead in polls against Ron DeSantis, former VP Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, and others.

President Trump stumping for Ron DeSantis during his campaign to become Florida’s next Republican governor.

Real Clear Politics wrote – According to sources with direct knowledge of the edict, Justin Caporale, who helps lead the advance team for the former president, has said that anyone who staffed a recent DeSantis book tour will be considered “persona non grata.” A top Trump ally was more comprehensive, telling RealClearPolitics that the prohibition would apply to more than just the junior aides tasked with setting up folding chairs and hanging banners.

“It’s a time for choosing,” the source close to the former president said. “If you work for Ron DeSantis’ presidential race, you will not work for the Trump campaign or the Trump White House.”

It now appears that the worst nightmare for team Ron DeSantis is about to come true, as the latest poll shows Trump blowing DeSantis away by a whopping 41% in the latest poll for the GOP’s choice for the next Presidential candidate.

Interactive Polls shares their latest Massachusetts poll on Twitter with Trump at 59%, DeSantis at 18%, and Pence at 10%, while leaving other potential candidates in the dust.

A direct match-up between Trump and DeSantis is almost as bad, with Trump taking 70% of the GOP vote, leaving only 30% for DeSantis.

Will DeSantis drop out of the race and clear the way for Trump to become the 2024 presidential candidate, or will Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, and others like Karl Rove press him to use funds raised by RINOs and anti-MAGA billionaires and PACs to bloody up Trump before the general election?


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