Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton Discuss Vladimir Putin’s Interference in the 2016 Election – A Complete Lie That Was Launched by Hillary’s Campaign (VIDEO)

It’s 2023 and Hillary Clinton is still whining about Vladimir Putin and her crushing 2016 election election loss.

Former House Speaker and twice-failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton on Monday spoke at an event backed by Columbia University.

Pelosi said Vladimir Putin interfered in the 2016 election to derail Hillary Clinton because she was more feared than Donald Trump.

No serious person believes this.

There is zero evidence to support Pelosi’s claims.

“[Hillary Clinton’s] clarity and her position to president Putin – the occupant – leader of Russia, that made him turn around… in an illegal way, come out against her in her campaign!” Pelosi said. “Interference in our democracy by Vladimir Putin because Hillary Clinton was the person he feared the most.”

Hillary Clinton nodded in agreement with Pelosi’s absurd claims.

Clinton lost the 2016 election because she is a horrible person and Trump was the better candidate.

And it was Hillary and her campaign that started the lies about Trump and Russia.


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