Latest US Energy Chart Shows How Absolutely Foolish and Dangerous Joe Biden’s New Electric Car Executive Order is for America

Joe Biden’s handlers last week announced new regulations to force working-class and low-income Americans to purchase expensive electrical vehicles that will add more pressure on the already stressed US electrical grid.

The new rule is another step in eliminating the US middle class in America brought to you by the Biden regime.

Of course, the lunatics at The New York Times cheered this news.

The Biden administration on Wednesday proposed the nation’s most ambitious climate regulations to date, two plans designed to ensure two-thirds of new passenger cars and a quarter of new heavy trucks sold in the United States are all-electric by 2032.

The new rules would require nothing short of a revolution in the U.S. auto industry, a moment in some ways as significant as the June morning in 1896 when Henry Ford took his “horseless carriage” for a test run and changed American life and industry.

If the two rules from the Environmental Protection Agency are enacted as proposed, they would put the world’s largest economy on track to slash its planet-warming emissions at the pace that scientists say is required of all nations in order to avert the most devastating impacts of climate change.

What they won’t tell you.  T

The DC and coastal elites won’t tell you that the cars will indirectly run on oil, gas, and coal.  The energy source will still be fossil fuels.  No amount of pixie dust magic energy production will change that reality anytime soon.

The elites are counting on the fact that ordinary Americans won’t be able to afford their own transportation.  They have nor problem with this.

Energy expert Alex Epstein posted the uncensored truth on US energy production and use in America today.  Another one million Chinese windmills are not going to make a dent in the fossil fuel reality.

This chart was provided by Alex Epstein on Substack.



Alex Epstein wrote about Joe Biden’s extremely dangerous and foolish plan to mandate Electrical Vehicle sales by 67% in a decade.

Via Alex Epstein on Substack.

Biden’s proposed mandate of 67% EVs in the 2030s is a dictatorial attack on the American driver and the US grid that will

1. Force Americans to drive inferior cars.

2. Place massive new demand for reliable electricity on a grid that is declining in reliable electricity supply.

  • Biden’s EPA is planning to dictate new emissions regulations for cars that will increase the EV market share of vehicles sold from today’s 6% up to 67% by 2032

  • 1. Biden’s EV mandate will force Americans to drive more expensive, less capable carsIf EVs were actually as good as their advocates say, they wouldn’t require lavish subsidies—let alone Biden’s mandate on top of lavish subsidies. Forcing EVs = harming Americans

  • Today’s EVs, despite promises that they would already surpass gasoline vehicles, are not cost-effective for the vast majority of Americans. That’s why despite huge government subsidies, only 6% of us buy EVs . Mandating EVs violates our rights and hurts the poor most of all.²

  • EVs may become even less cost-effective in the future due to rising electricity prices and growing shortages that are occurring as reliable power plants are shut down in favor of unreliable solar and wind, as well as increasing raw material prices (due to artificial, government-created demand for batteries).

  • Range issues and recharge times are a logistical nightmare, even if you can afford a home recharge station. This is why EV owners tend to use EVs in addition to gasoline cars.67% EVs would be ruinous for the poor and middle class

  • Currently the fossil fueled part of the transportation sector consumes about 1/4 of all US energy. This means that to handle a huge influx of EVs, the already fragile electricity sector would have to rapidly add reliable electricity capacity—the opposite of what’s happening.⁴

  • For most Americans, EVs are significantly inferior in utility at a higher price per vehicle.And if electricity bottlenecks continue, the price disadvantage could worsen while the threat of electricity rationing/restricting for EVs could become real.

  • 2. Biden’s EV mandate will cause electricity shortagesUS power grids are already struggling from retirements of reliable power plant capacity in favor of unreliable solar and wind. Forced electrification of vehicles will exacerbate the problem and make electricity more expensive.

  • A reliable grid is a foundation of our quality of life. Our lives depend on ultra-reliable electricity for the refrigerators that preserve our food, the water treatment plants that keep our water drinkable, the air conditioning that keeps us cool, the factories that produce our goods, etc.

  • The root cause of our grid’s reliability problems is simple: America is shutting down too many reliable power plants—plants that can be controlled to produce electricity when needed in the exact quantity needed. And it is attempting to replace them with unreliable solar and wind.

  • Thanks to government mandates and subsidies, solar and wind—“unreliables”—provide about 13% of American electricity. This 13% has already caused big electricity price increases and huge reliability problems. Instead of admitting this failure, Biden is doubling down.⁶

  • The Administration is dictating two deadly policies at the same time:– Drastically reducing the supply of reliable electricity by shutting down reliable power plants
    – Drastically increasing demand for reliable electricity by mandating EVs
    This is a recipe for national immobility.

  • Biden’s EV mandate emulates California’s reckless policy, which combines outlawing new oil-fueled vehicles by 2035 and wrecking its grid by shutting down reliable power plants.As The Babylon Bee put it, “State With No Electricity Orders Everyone To Drive Cars That Run on Electricity.”⁷

Read the rest here.

It should be noted that China and India have no intention of mandating such a dangerous plan for their people.

It should also be clear that this is part of the left’s incredibly obvious plan to remove America as the leader on the global stage. It’s pure insanity.

They don’t care.

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