JUST IN: POLICE SCANNER NAMES Louisville, KY, Man Connor Sturgeon as Mass Shooter – Former Employee Killed 4 People, Sent 8 People to Hospital… Alleged Pro-Gun-Control Father Locks Down Twitter Account [AUDIO]

Earlier this morning, we reported on an active shooter in downtown Louisville, KY, who killed 4 people and sent 8 individuals to the hospital.

The Deputy Chief Humphrey of the Louisville Metro Police Department has just shared that the shooter appears to be a former employee of the bank. He also shared that one of the individuals is a police officer who is currently undergoing surgery in the hospital and is in critical condition.

100 Percent Fed Up reports – According to ABC News Live, the shooting took place on the bank’s first floor in the conference, calling it a “classic case of workplace violence.”

A witness who was inside the building told WHAS11 they saw a man with a “long assault rifle” fire multiple shots inside the bank on the first floor, near the conference room area.

“He just started firing,” he said. “I didn’t see his face. We were in the conference room. Whoever was next to me got shot; their blood’s on me.”

Another witness, who works in an office building facing the bank, said the shooter and law enforcement officers got into a “shootout.” They said civilians were being carried out.

Reporter Karol Markowicz, named the alleged shooter earlier today as 25-year-old Connor Sturgeon,  a recently fired employee of the Old National Bank where the shooting occurred. We waited to have confirmation on his identity before we published the alleged murderer’s name.

The LinkedIn account of Connor Sturgeon has also been shared on Twitter. Next to his name, the words “He/Him” appear, indicating that he has bought into the leftist narrative that your biological sex is irrelevant and that it’s up to the individual to identify themselves by using their choice of pronouns.

Conservative personality Collin Rugg shared a screenshot:

Sebastian Gorka shared an image of the screenshot from LinkedIn showing the alleged killer’s pronouns listed next to his name:

There are several unconfirmed reports circulating around on social media claiming that Connor Sturgeon was supposed to be fired this morning and was reportedly suicidal as he texted to friends that he was “gonna shoot up” the bank and live-streamed the shootings on Instagram:


Sebastian Gorka also claims Sturgeon’s social media accounts are being wiped clean, but he was able to share screenshots that are allegedly from his Reddit account that reveals he was not a fan of President Trump and that he was happy about the COVID lockdowns, sharing a message that said, “Finally, an excuse to stay home without being a bad person.”

Another Twitter account posted an image he claimed was a message his cousin sent him revealing a conversation the killer had with a group before murdering innocent people at the Old National Bank, where he was reportedly fired:

The Louisville Police Scanner identifies the shooter as “25-yr-old Connor Sturgeon,” says he’s a “6foot-4 inch tall white male,” and that he left a voicemail for a friend last night saying he was going to ‘Kill everyone at the bank” because “he was feeling suicidal.”

There have been no reports about the friend Sturgeon allegedly leaving a voicemail for last night or no new reports as to why his “friend” never bothered to contact authorities to inform them of Sturgeon’s plans.

According to Heavy – The mother and brother of the shooter approached police at the scene outside of the bank, a police officer told the dispatcher on the scanner audio obtained by Heavy. The responding officers described a chaotic scene, with an “officer down right in front of the bank.” The responding officers reported hearing shots fired as they arrived. At one point during the audio, shots can be heard in the background.

Todd Sturgeon, who is Connor Sturgeon’s dad, was also his high school basketball coach and was very vocal in his calls for lawmakers to enact gun control.

Todd Sturgeon became the coach at Floyd Central in 2014, according to the Louisville Courier-Journal. Todd Sturgeon previously coached at the University of Indianapolis. According to the Courier-Journal, Sturgeon was a 6 foot 4 sophomore at the high school when his father took the job. His younger brother was in middle school at the time.

Sturgeon’s father retweeted a video of San Antonio Spurs coach Greg Popovich talking about gun control just hours before the shooting in Louisville. Todd Sturgeon retweeted a video clip from reporter Tom Orsborn with the caption, “Pop used final 10 minutes of his pre-game presser to slam ‘cowardly, oblivious legislators’ for their inaction on gun control in wake of the mass shootings that have plagued America. Their inaction, he said, has contributed to making the U.S. the ‘laughingstock’ of the world.”

Sturgeon was featured in several articles written about high sports he played in high school.

Todd Sturgeon’s Twitter account has now been locked down:

Heavy claims Todd Sturgeon reposted a video of


Videos of the emergency situation were being shared on social media:

Local reporter Dalton Godbey shared two videos on Twitter showing police officers clearing traffic from the road near the incident.

According to the New York Post – Police have confirmed “multiple casualties” after an active shooting broke out in Louisville, Kentucky, Monday morning.

The Louisville Metro Police Department reported an “active aggressor” in the city’s downtown area — near Slugger Field — shortly before 9 am.

“We are confirming reports of an active aggressor in the 300 block of East Main. Please stay out of the area. There are multiple casualties,” police said.

Witnesses told WHAS11 they saw a man with a “long gun” fire several shots inside the Old National Bank.

Here is the LIVE press conference with updates from the Louisville Metro Police Department.

We will continue to update this story.


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