JUST IN: Louisville Metro Police Release Terrifying Bodycam Footage of Deadly Bank Shooting – Shows How Heroic Officers Took Down Mass Shooter

Credit: Louisville Metro Police Department/ New York Post

The Louisville Metro Police Department has released bodycam footage of yesterday’s mass shooting at Old National Bank on East Main Street Monday morning.

As Gateway Pundit reported, five people were killed after 23-year-old Connor Sturgeon, a former employee at the bank, entered the bank.

Nine more were injured, including Officer Nicholas Wilt, who was shot in the head. He is barely clinging to life.


Witnesses claim Sturgeon just started firing.

From WHAS 11:

A witness who was inside the building told WHAS11 they saw a man with a “long assault rifle” fire multiple shots inside the bank on the first floor, near the conference room area.

He just started firing,” he said. “I didn’t see his face. We were in the conference room. Whoever was next to me got shot; their blood’s on me.”

Another witness, who works in an office building facing the bank, said the shooter and law enforcement officers got into a “shootout.” They said civilians were being carried out.

Video (graphic):

Wilt and Officer Cory Galloway were the first to arrive on scene. Their bodycams were shown during the press conference.

The first video released by the Louisville police shows officers Wilt and Cory Galloway arriving at the bank in a police vehicle.

Sturgeon immediately fires on them after they step out, forcing the officers to retreat.

Galloway then grabs his police rifle and confirms shots have been fired.

As Sturgeon fired at them, Galloway is seen rolling over and darting down the stairs leading up to entrance. Wilt was able to get inside.

Wilt is then shot in the head by Sturgeon. Despite this, he still is able to heroically exchange gunfire with the shooter.

Galloway’s bodycam is the second video shown. He is at the bottom of the stairs leading to the bank entrance.

In the video Galloway says: “Goddamn it the shooter has an angle on that officer. The glass is blocking him.

He then says: “He’s shooting straight through these windows at the officer.”

After the glass breaks, Galloway is able to fire several time unimpeded and finally kills Sturgeon.

He then screams multiple times: He’s down!

Here are several images from the bodycam footage, the first being the shooter:

Credit: Louisville Metro Police Department/ New York Post
Credit: Louisville Police Department/Fox News
Credit: Louisville Metro Police Department/ Fox News
Credit: Louisville Metro Police Department/ New York Post

EMT’s immediately entered the building and treated the victims of the shooting. Officer Wilt was one of the individuals treated at scene and was later transported to the hospital.

The Gateway Pundit reported that before the shooting, Sturgeon left a voicemail to friend the night before the shooting claiming that he was going to kill everyone and that he was feeling suicidal.

Reporters also uncovered that Sturgeon was a woke leftist who hated Donald Trump. Furthermore, he used pronouns on his LinkedIn account.


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