JUST IN: Clinton-Appointed Judge Denies Trump Request to Delay E Jean Carroll’s Rape, Defamation Trial

A federal judge on Monday denied Trump’s request to delay E. Jean Carroll’s rape case against President Trump.

Trump sought to delay the trial arguing a “cooling off” period was needed since he was just indicted by a Manhattan grand jury.

“There is no justification for an adjournment,” Judge Lewis Kaplan, a Clinton appointee ruled. “This case is entirely unrelated to the state prosecution.”

ABC News reported:

A federal judge in New York on Monday denied former President Donald Trump’s latest attempt to delay the trial in the defamation and battery case brought by former Elle columnist E. Jean Carroll.

Trump sought a one-month delay of the trial, slated to begin on April 25, arguing a “cooling off” period was necessary following intense media coverage of his criminal indictment in Manhattan last month in connection with an alleged hush money payment to an adult film actress.

The judge called the suggestion that the coverage could preclude the selection of a fair jury “pure speculation.”

The judge included a pointed reminder that the postponement Trump sought may be a mixed blessing.

“Events happen during postponements. Sometimes they can make matters worse,” Kaplan wrote in this decision, noting the multiple criminal and investigations Trump faces.

“Developments in at least one of these matters, as well as actions and statements by Mr. Trump in relation to any, may well give rise to intense publicity that, in some respects, Mr. Trump might claim to be prejudicial in this case,” the judge said. “Mr. Trump’s suggestion that a one-month trial postponement in this case would ensure the absence of any such developments in the period immediately preceding jury selection is not realistic.”

Last week it was revealed billionaire LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman – a Democrat megadonor – is secretly funding E. Jean Carroll’s rape case against President Trump.

This DIRECTLY contradicts E. Jean Carroll’s claim during an October deposition that no one else was paying her legal bills.

E. Jean Carroll appears to have committed perjury.

In 2019, E. Jean Carroll alleged Donald Trump raped her in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in the 1990’s.

E. Jean Carroll is a mentally unwell woman who previously told CNN she fantasizes about rape.

Trump has denied the allegations and called E. Jean Carroll a “whack job” who’s “not my type.”

Carroll refiled the lawsuit in November after New York passed the Adult Survivors Act which allows adults to sue over sexual assaults that occurred decades ago.

Trump’s lawyers ripped E. Jean Carroll and her lawyers in a court filing last Thursday.

“The proposition that [Carroll] has suddenly ‘recollected’ the source of her funding for this high-profile litigation—which has spanned four years, spawned two separate actions, and been before numerous state, federal, and appellate courts—is not only preposterous, it is demonstrably false. Indeed, it simply defies logic to believe that [Carroll’s] attorneys—four of whom were present at her deposition—were unaware that their own firm had ‘secured additional funding from a nonprofit organization’ to bankroll their client’s various lawsuits and ensure their bills were being paid,” Trump’s lawyers Habba and Tacopina wrote to Judge Kaplan Thursday.

Trump’s lawyers said E. Jean Carroll perjured herself.

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