Judge Napolitano and Larry Johnson talk Russia, Ukraine and the CIA

Being interviewed by Judge Napolitano is a treat. It is really not an interview. We are just two friends discussing the craziness in the world today and trying to keep a sense of humor about it all.

Let me follow up on my earlier comments on Evan Gershkovich. The reason the CIA does not use an American citizen employed by a U.S. based newspaper is that it is so damn obvious that such a person would be presumed to be a spy that he or she is not useful in gathering important information. While there are some certifiable incompetents at the CIA, I do not believe that my old employer has abandoned all tradecraft. What do I mean? The CIA would want to recruit someone who would never, ever be considered a possible spy for the United States. Got it? Mr. Gershkovich does not fit that profile.

In light of new information that has emerged about the terrorist attack on Vladlen Tatarsky about the actions of the woman who “gifted” him the bomb disguised as a bust, I believe she knew exactly what was inside. That is why she did not stick around to continue to cultivate her access to Tatarsky. She should get what’s coming.


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