The Japanese Substance In The “Top Position” As Therapy For Post-Vaccine and Post-COVID Syndromes — Dr. Peter McCullough (VIDEO)

While Fauci was lining the pockets of big pharma by peddling experimental mRNA vaccines, Dr. Peter McCullough was hard at work determining safe, scientific ways to combat spike protein effects.

As a preeminent cardiologist, and one of the most trusted medical voices during the pandemic, Dr. McCullough is dedicated to determining what are – and what are not – effective ways to overcome COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccine injuries.

Watch him talk about the Japanese substance nattokinase – which Dr. McCullough says “is in the top position as a therapy for these post-vaccine and post-COVID syndromes.”

Watch (transcript of highlights below):

Dr. McCullough: “So we have a situation where the genetic materials is long lasting, spike protein production appears to be underway and lasting for a long period of time — and accumulating every six month shots. And then intervening covid means accumulation of spike protein. Three supportive papers: One, I think high quality preclinical paper by Tanaka and colleagues show that nattokinase — an enzymatic product of the fermentation of soy — does attack proteolytic cleavage joints in the spike protein and effectively dissolves it in cell lici models and other models. It was very convincing. Additionally, there is a Syrian protease that can be harvested from river worms in Japan. That efficiently breaks down spike protein as well that — it looks like it could be available as an intravenous formulation. So we have no human data, but this looks enormously promising.

Nattokinase in particular, since it’s already used as a supplement by the Japanese for a couple decades now as anti-atherosclerotic — it is thrombolytic. So the caveats are bleeding. It’s derived from soy. So soy allergies are a caveat. We’d hope that big pharma would pick this up in development. But, you know, a development time from stage one all the way to large stage three clinical trials with hard outcomes could be 20 years. And many think it’s just too long. They have to take action now. So right now, nattokinase, I think is in the top position as a therapy for these post-vaccine and post-COVID syndromes.”

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In The Wellness Company’s Spike Support Formula you will find:

– Nattokinase (dissolves spike protein)
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– Irish sea moss (could help rebuild damaged tissue and muscle)

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