Indiana Republican Rep. Jim Banks Endorses Trump Following Indictment (AUDIO)

Indiana Republican Congressman Jim Banks is supporting Trump for 2024, following the Alvin Bragg indictment.

During an interview with conservative talk host Tony Katz, Banks went over all of the previous attempts by Democrats to ‘get’ Trump and predicted that he would come out on top once again.

He even called Trump the greatest president of his lifetime.

Breitbart News reports:

Indiana Republican Jim Banks Endorses Donald Trump After Indictment

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) endorsed former President Donald Trump after a New York grand jury indicted the 45th president on Thursday.

Banks joined WIBC radio station’s Tony Katz and the Morning News on Friday, where he blasted the grand jury indictment of Trump as “a despicable example of political persecution” and affirmed his support for the 45th president as he seeks the 2024 Republican presidential nomination:

But it’s just another example of the lengths that the left will go to to weaponize government and their powers against their political enemies. But here’s the thing about Donald Trump that makes him different: The man does not back down. That’s why I support Donald Trump; he doesn’t back down and he’s not going to back down on this. He’s going to fight back and this is just the beginning, I think, of yet another chapter where Donald Trump is going to come back on top in the end.

“Alvin Bragg previously declined or even recommended not to pursue these charges because he knew they were flimsy when he was the deputy district attorney,” Banks told Katz. “He campaigned for district attorney on doing this.”

Listen below:

Banks also made his support for Trump clear in a tweet:

Support for Trump is growing despite Bragg’s sham prosecution.

Democrats may have made a huge mistake.


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