HE’S SHOT: Joe Biden Reads “End of Quote” Off of Teleprompter in Disastrous Speech to Irish Parliament (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Thursday delivered a disastrous speech to the Irish Parliament in Dublin.

Biden is currently in the middle of a 4-day trip to Ireland.

After ogling young girls at a Gaelic sports demonstration, Biden headed over to the Irish Parliament to deliver remarks.

Biden could barely read the teleprompter.

He slurred his words and told bizarre stories.

At one point Joe Biden said his grandfather compared him to a revolutionary warlord who was shot dead: “Joey, I worry about you. You’re too much like that guy who led the Revolution. You gotta be less like the military guy. They shot him.”

Of course this never happened.


Biden also lost the battle with his teleprompter and read the instructions out loud.

“End of quote,” Biden said to the Irish Parliament.

What an embarrassment!


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