He’s Back! Cosmetics Giant Fails to Learn from Bud Light – Pays Fake Woman Dylan Mulvaney to Model its Makeup – Conservatives Respond in Brutal Fashion (VIDEO)

Credit: Oli London Twitter account


Infamous trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney is back in the news, this time for modelling makeup.

Fox News revealed today that conservatives noticed Mulvaney posting a Tiktok ad putting on makeup from cosmetic giant Maybelline.

Mulvaney reportedly began partnering with Maybelline back in March.


The video starts Mulvaney wearing no makeup with no makeup and wearing a bathrobe. He then begins applying makeup from Maybelline and obscures himself from the camera with his makeup brush.

He reappears with his makeup fully done and ready for a night out.

Fox News reported (edited for correct pronouns on Mulvaney):

The ire of conservative consumers has now focused on makeup brand Maybelline for partnering with biological male Dylan Mulvaney for a recent makeup ad.

To celebrate Mulvaney’s supposed gender transition and to promote Maybelline makeup, the brand collaborated with the TikTok star on a video featuring the fake woman applying several Maybelline products.

The Maybelline ad represented just one of several brand partnerships the transgender influencer and activist has taken on recently, including a highly controversial partnership with Bud Light that sparked major backlash from conservative consumers.

The boycott of the beer company in response to the Mulvaney promotion has resulted in Bud Light’s sales plunging 17%. The biological male also generated outrage for modeling sports bras for Nike.

Now conservatives are looking to protest Maybelline for the same thing. They were not ecstatic about Mulvaney’s latest stunt.

Here are some of the more brutal responses:


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