Hateful Actress Patti LuPone Doesn’t Know the Difference Between “Our Christian Right and the Taliban” (Video)

Singer/Actress Patti LuPone


Actress/Singer Patti LuPone is spewing more of her hateful rhetoric.  What an unhappy woman.

Over the years, LuPone has made her feelings about Republicans and President Trump very clear.

In 2017, when asked if she would perform for Trump, “Well I hope he doesn’t because I won’t perform if he does….Because I hate the mother f*cker.”

She made headlines in 2022 when she went on a profane tirade on stage scolding an audience member for not wearing a mask. Neither LuPone nor her colleagues were wearing masks as the lunatic stage actress lashed out at the attendee.

“Put your mask over your nose. That’s why you’re in the theater,” LuPone howled. “That is the rule. If you don’t want to follow the rule, get the fuck out!”

On Tuesday, LuPone joined the shrews on ‘The View’ and declared that she doesn’t know the difference between “our Christian Right and the Taliban.”

The comments came after co-host Ana Navarro asked LuPone her thoughts about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and the LGBT community.

“I could cry… I don’t know why he’s doing this. I don’t know, I mean I’ve said this before and I’m going to get in trouble. I’ve said this before, and it’s been in print. I don’t know what the difference between our Christian Right and the Taliban is. I have no idea what the difference is.”

“What’s happening in this country right now in the name of religion is so dangerous.”

“It’s not this country. It’s not America. When I was growing up, I didn’t know America was an experiment. They never said America was an experiment when we were growing up. It was a democracy. And now it’s in such danger. It’s so upsetting. It’s upsetting to hear the loudest voices and not any kind of pushback to the loudest voices that are the extremity in this country.”

Watch below:

Perhaps, blinded by her own hatred, LuPone has not researched how the Taliban feels about the LGBTQ community.

LuPone is apparently intellectually unable to decipher the difference between parents who do not want their children exposed to sexualized content and monsters who hunt gays down and throw them from buildings.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, a man told a reporter, “When they know about you, they definitely know that you have been involved in certain acts, and you identify yourself as a certain person – in this case, as gay. So they will either throw you out from a tall building. That’s their law,” Yahya said.

CNN notes, “A 2020 US State Department report on Afghanistan said LGBTQ people faced “discrimination, assault and rape” as well as harassment and arrest by authorities. “Homosexuality was widely seen as taboo and indecent,” the report said.

Under the previous government, sexual relations between people of the same gender were illegal and punishable by up to two years in jail.”

Human Rights Watch reports:

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in Afghanistan, and others who do not conform to rigid gender norms, have faced an increasingly desperate situation and grave threats to their safety and lives since the Taliban took full control of the country on August 15, 2021. Human Rights Watch and OutRight Action International interviewed 60 LGBT Afghans from October to December 2021. Most of those interviewed were in Afghanistan, while others had fled to nearby countries where they remain in danger, including of being forcibly returned. Just a few have resettled in countries where they feel safe.

Many of those interviewed reported being attacked, sexually assaulted, or directly threatened by members of the Taliban because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Others reported abuse from family members, neighbors, and romantic partners who now support the Taliban or believed they had to take action against LGBT people close to them to ensure their own safety. Some fled their homes from attacks by Taliban members or supporters pursuing them. Others watched as lives they had carefully built over the years disappeared overnight and found themselves at risk of being targeted at any time because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.


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