It Happened Again: Former Top SF Firefighter Suffers Brain Injury in Brutal Attack Outside Front Door

An attack on a former San Francisco fire commissioner proves that “no one is safe” in the city, according to a resident who lives near the site of the attack.

Don Carmignani was bashed in the head outside of his mother’s home on Wednesday, one day after CashApp found Bob Lee was stabbed to death in the city, according to the New York Post.

Carmignani, 53, was leaving his mother’s home when he was attacked by a man toting a crowbar.

Joe Alioto-Veronese, an attorney and friend of the former fire commissioner, said Carmignani asked some transients blocking the driveway to move. In response, he was hit on the head with a crowbar.

Garret Doty, 24, was later arrested on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon.

Alioto-Veronese said the suspect “was actually seen swinging the pipe and walking around the neighborhood after the attack.”

“It’s dangerous here and the fact that this could happen to a big guy like Don Carmignani, that tells us it could happen to anybody in any neighborhood in San Francisco,” he said, later adding that “ no one is safe in this city.”

Alioto-Veronese said neighbors saw the attack, brought him inside and summoned first responders. Carmignani suffered a brain injury in the attack.

“He has a fractured skull, a broken jaw and he had to have his face stitched up because he got beat up with a metal pipe,” Supervisor Catherine Stefani said, according to KNTV-TV.

Ray Carmignani said his son’s attack was the last straw, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

“We’ve leaving,” he said. “Enough is enough. We’ll go to Nevada, we’ll go to Arizona, we’ll go somewhere … but I’m not staying here. I can’t worry about walking out my door and getting attacked.”

Nate Roy, a homeless man who lives in the neighborhood, suggested that the suspect attacked Carmignani “because he was being disrespectful,” according to KGO-TV.

“The city is in absolute chaos because we will continue to spiral in this doom loop,” Alioto-Veronese, who once ran for district attorney, told the Post.

“These tech titans like Bob Lee are pulling their employees out of San Francisco. Even [Lee] left the city, and he was murdered while he was visiting!” he said. Lee had recently moved to Miami.

“This is not just about arresting criminals. This is about getting ahead of the mental health crisis. The psyche ward of San Francisco General is in the city streets, and it has to stop,” Alioto-Veronese said.

Actor Sara Foster, the daughter of musician and producer David Foster, lashed out at the city’s leaders this week on social media, according to the New York Post.

“I have no words. SF is a complete s—hole. I am a registered Democrat and feel confident saying liberal politicians are ruining cities,” she wrote in an Instagram story.

“Disgusting. My heart breaks for this family,” she wrote.

Kevin Benedicto, a police commissioner, downplayed the criticism, according to The New York Times.

“A small minority has tried to weaponize this tragedy to advance a narrative about a crime wave that just isn’t borne out by the data in San Francisco,” he said, adding that some people were exploiting Lee’s murder “ for political gain.”

“There are real problems about crime that need to be addressed in San Francisco.  you’re seeing people from tech, from certain political circles, who are trying to draw explicit connections to certain policies and elected officials when we don’t even yet know the facts of the case,” he said.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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