Fetterman Responds to Body Double Rumors With a New Goofy Video

Senator John Fetterman took to Twitter to address the rumors of him having a body double.

Earlier in the month, rumors swirled that Fetterman had a body double after George Papadopoulos posted this photo of Fetterman from 2022:

Papadopoulos posted the photo a few days after Fetterman’s wife Giselle posted a photo of the ‘new and improved’ Fetterman that looked nothing like the 2022 version of her husband.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Fetterman’s new look:

What’s Up with John Fetterman’s New Face? And What Happened to the Glassy Blank Stare?

The new look of Fetterman caused a wildfire on social media.

It appears the rumors deeply bothered Fetterman because, after being absent from the senate for close to two months, the Senator of Pennsylvania thought it was very important to post a video of himself denying that he has a body double.

In the video Fetterman said “during my time during the hospital at the hospital the fringy fringies really came up with a conspiracy that I have a body double.”

Fetterman continues, “that’s not true” but the camera then pointed to Fetterman pretending to be his own body double in an attempt to make light of the rumors.


Body doubles  being used in the entrainment industry.

In 2022 music artist Billie Eilish admitted she uses a body double.

Anton Gerashchenko, who serves as President Zelensky’s chief advisor ,previously claimed Putin has a body double but nobody from the left dared to call him  “fringy.”


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